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New treatment plant to use green hydroponic reactors iStock/Thinkstock

New treatment plant to use green hydroponic reactors

A new wastewater treatment plant in Pender County, N.C. will use green technology in a bid to attract investment. According to a story by Bill Walsh at the Star News Online website, the new plant in part of a series of investments being made in the county's new Commerce Park.

The hope is that the cutting-edge treatment plant will draw tenants who might be engaged in water-intensive industries.

At the heart of the plant are a series of hydroponic reactors. As reported in the Star News:

Hydroponic reactors are the heart of the system, employing a greenhouse that supports a diverse and vibrant community of plants whose extensive root systems -- and the microorganisms they support -- are capable of cleaning partially treated wastewater to a very high standard... Certainly high enough for safe disposal back into the Cape Fear River or spray applied to land.

For the full story, along with information on how the deal was financed, click here.

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