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Triangle Tube and A Drink for Tomorrow complete a new well in Botswana

Oct. 21, 2010
A Drink for Tomorrow, in partnership with Triangle Tube have completed the construction of a well in the village of Labala in Botswana, Africa.

BLACKWOOD, N.J. -- A Drink for Tomorrow, in partnership with Triangle Tube of Blackwood, NJ have completed the construction of a freshwater well in the village of Labala, located in Botswana, Africa. This project was funded in July, and is now bringing clean potable water to the village of 400 people.

In Botswana, many poor villagers are forced to drink water from contaminated rain and surface water catchment ditches, like the one pictured below. Despite the fact that the water is contaminated with dirt and disease, children spend much of their time walking to these sources that are often far from their villages and hauling the water back to their communities because it is the only option.

In the village of Labala during the dry season, the children would walk nearly 5 miles to reach a water distribution point. Unfortunately earlier this year, the distribution point also ran out of water, forcing the children to search farther and farther for water.

Now, with the completion of the well, Labala has a permanent source of water. This will free the villagers to use their time in productive ways, such as agriculture, which is also irrigated by the new well. In addition, the new well will have positive health benefits, further improving life in Labala.

As a leader in hydronic heating solutions, Triangle Tube wanted to support A Drink for Tomorrow in brining water to Labala. Triangle Tube’s President, Daniel Lasserre observes, “It is thrilling to see the completion of this project and envision the change that it will make in Labala. Water is vital to our existence, and we understand that is it incumbent upon us to do our part to bring it to those most in need.”

A Drink for Tomorrow is grateful for Triangle Tube’s generous assistance of their efforts to generate funds and awareness in order to provide clean water to people who lack this basic human right. A Drink for Tomorrow’s founder Stephanie Weaver comments, “With Triangle Tube’s support we have truly changed the lives of the people of Labala. They no longer must be concerned with the basic need of water, and now can envision a future with much greater opportunities than ever before. We look forward to working with Triangle Tube and many others to replicate this achievement."

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