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January 2008 Products

Jan. 25, 2008
THE ECOS FLUSHOMETER combines hands-free operation with a water-saving dual-flush feature. The battery-powered flushometer features two buttons on top of the valve, which offer two water-efficient flush options. If the user does not depress a button, ...
American Standard
THE DELFOS ONE-PIECE ELONGATED TOILET now meets the water efficiency and performance criteria established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in order to receive the WaterSense designation. The high-efficiency dual-flush toilet has a powerful 1.6-gal flush and a 1.1-gal flush. Vortens
THE WALL-HUNG SANISTAR TOILET features a macerating pump and an electronically activated flushing mechanism. The toilet uses a 1-in. copper or plastic discharge pipe to pump effluent 9 ft. vertically, 100 ft. horizontally or a combination of both. The self-contained unit is made of vitreous china and has no external water tank. The macerator also can pump water away from a nearby hand basin. SFA Saniflo Inc.
AERCO International
THE ULTRA-SENSE S-6050 SERIES FAUCET is a battery-powered and sensor-activated faucet equipped with self-adjusting infrared microchip technology. It features a 10-second cycle time and will automatically shut off if the sensor is blocked. Symmons

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