Contractor finds smiles are contagious in Lubbock

April 1, 2010
Drivers coming and going to work in Lubbock had reason to smile on April 1st, thanks in part to the employees of Armstrong Mechanical.

LUBBOCK, TEXAS — Drivers coming and going to work in Lubbock had reason to smile on April 1st. Thanks in part to the employees of Armstrong Mechanical who were in front of the Texas Road House Restaurant on South Loop 289 greeting motorists as they passed by. They were dressed in giant smiles, waving hands and generating a Happy “April Cools Day” to motorists as they drove by. It was all in fun and an attempt to put a smile on the faces of the back-to-work crowd along with an effort to make consumers aware of Proper Care of Cooling Equipment. Armstrong Mechanical has designated April 1st as “April Cools Day.”

Consumers can't afford to ignore their air conditioning equipment because inefficient equipment and potentially costly home cooling problems could equal wasted expenses.

"Cooling and heating equipment use more energy than any other appliance. This inevitably shows up every month on the energy bill, but it’s important to remember that energy costs can be controlled," said Chris Carpenter, President of Armstrong Mechanical.

“One step to control energy costs is to schedule annual maintenance checks to make sure your unit is running efficiently. Most cooling systems require very little owner maintenance. However, operating dirty cooling equipment can result in an unnecessary loss of efficiency and can damage the equipment. You play a vital role in making sure your cooling system continues to operate at peak performance, especially during the dog days of summer,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter suggested that homeowners in the market for a new cooling unit consider purchasing a high efficiency model. They can help reduce energy costs as well as conserve natural resources.

Armstrong Mechanical can help homeowners select the best system and help them determine potential energy savings. There are also tax credits available. Armstrong Mechanical can help customers take advantage of up to $1,500 in savings.

Armstrong Mechanical has been providing service in the Lubbock area for over 75 years.

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