Nexstar, ACE DuraFlo announce strategic partnership

Jan. 25, 2010
ACE DuraFlo Systems and Nexstar Inc. jointly announce they have entered into a strategic partner relationship.

IRVINE, CALIF. -- ACE DuraFlo Systems and Nexstar Inc. jointly announce they have entered into a strategic partner relationship. The Nexstar ePIPE program permits Nexstar members to add ACE DuraFlo’s miniE, epoxy pipe restoration technology to their existing line of services. Nexstar is a member-owned international group of independent service contractors in the fields of plumbing, HVAC and electrical services. Nexstar members are guided by experienced coaches, using vetted business systems and solid peer connections.

“We are excited about the prospect of expanding our installer network in North America by introducing the miniE System to the Nexstar membership,” explained Bill Cooper, president of ACE DuraFlo Systems. “The miniE System is a turning point for the pipe restoration industry and we are happy to be able to offer it through the Nexstar Network of independent service providers.”

“In our continuing scrutiny of the service plumbing industry, we keep our Nexstar eyes peeled for changes in the marketplace, and unique growth technologies like the ACE DuraFlo ePIPE,” said Susan Tigner, strategic partner manager with Nexstar. “Our goal is to provide our members with quality growth and diversification opportunities.”

According to Mary Jean Anderson, president of Anderson Plumbing, Heating and Air of San Diego, a member of Nexstar and the largest repiping company in the San Diego market, “When pipe lining of potable water systems was introduced, I knew I had to research pipe lining technology to see if this procedure would be a viable alternative to repiping. I thoroughly researched all of the products available in the industry and determined that the quality of the ePIPE system is superior for many reasons. I have been extremely happy with our decision to offer the ePIPE service in San Diego.”

Nexstar is a business development and best practices organization. It promises its members a steady flow of rapid results toward a variety of goals that individual owners set for their companies. Nexstar accomplishes its mission through a team of experienced business coaches who help members on a one-on-one basis. Its training programs cover all roles in a service organization and deliver systems for profitable operations. One of the best attributes of being a Nexstar member is the peer connections. Through network-wide events, bulletin boards, publications and regional meetings, Nexstar members rely on each other for problem solving and alerts to new opportunities in the market. Additional information is available by calling 888/240.STAR or email [email protected].

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