Rehau joins Center for the Built Environment’s Industry Advisory Board

April 19, 2011
LEESBURG, VA. — Rehau announced its appointment to the Industry Advisory Board of the Center for the Built Environment (CBE).

LEESBURG, VA. — Rehau announced its appointment to the Industry Advisory Board of the Center for the Built Environment (CBE).

A collaboration linking industry with academia, the CBE, part of the University of California, Berkeley College of Environmental Design, aims to improve the design, operation and environmental quality of buildings by providing timely, objective information on building technologies and design techniques. The CBE was established under the National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center program, and is also guided by the Industry Advisory Board.

In its IAB role, Rehau will work with the CBE to recommend and conduct studies on the latest building technologies, such as ground loop heat exchange and radiant heating and cooling.

“This is an exceptional opportunity for Rehau to work hand-in-hand with the research community and elevate the understanding of game-changing integrated building technologies,” said Mike Dietrich, business team manager, building technology at Rehau. “The CBE is highly respected for its thorough research into today’s most significant building challenges, including indoor environmental quality, building envelope and systems integration, and measurement and monitoring. We are excited to become part of this effort, and to share our experiences as both a designer and manufacturer of sustainable building systems.”

”The CBE relies on industry collaborators like Rehau to keep us up to date on the latest practices in engineering, design and product and system implementation,” said David Lehrer, CBE director of communications. “Input from companies like Rehau helps to ensure our research is focused on the topics that are most relevant and helpful to today’s building industry.”

According to Lehrer, the CBE will seek initial assistance from Rehau in designing radiant cooling technology research projects.

Rehau’s formal participation in the IAB began in April, when the company exchanged ideas and feedback with fellow board members from across the building industry, including manufacturers, building owners, facility managers, contractors, architects, engineers, government agencies and professional associations. Rehau also had the opportunity to introduce polymer technologies, and propose them for inclusion in near-term CBE studies.

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