Michael Gray's letter was perfect

Feb. 1, 2011
I thought that the letter written by Mr. Gray was so perfect. I could have not have written it better myself.

WEBSTER GROVES, MO. — I thought that the letter written by Mr. Gray was so perfect. I could have not have written it better myself. I agree with Mr. Gray so totally except that if he doesn't want to hear anything about global warming, carbon footprint, or climate change, etc., there are not many magazines, newspapers, or even TV news programs that he can read or see. He's right. It is a sad state of affairs that we find ourselves in. Common sense seems to be dead! Most green energy is simply not economically feasible — not even close — not even in the ballpark! Is this too simple or do some people think it's not important?

The Federal tax credit on high efficiency HVAC equipment was a joke! Everyone paid hundreds or thousands of dollars more for the bells-and-whistles equipment mandated by the government with actual cost of operation savings that were minimal. How much money can you really save with a 95% furnace over a 93% furnace? But I guess in places like California where energy prices are three times what they are in the Midwest it may make some sense. But their energy prices are only that high because they won't allow coal or nuclear power plants in their state. So now they and the other liberals are trying to force the rest of the country, through Cap-and-Trade legislation, or through the EPA to follow their stupid ideas on energy so that all the states will be bankrupt, not just California. How long is it going to be before the rest of the country has to bail out California because of its pseudo green or socialist policies?

Socialism is not economically feasible — it never has been! The total economic failure of the USSR should have proved this once and for all. Forced government policies are not the answer — the free market is!

In short freedom is and always will be the answer. We need to get back to the basics that this country was founded on.


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