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Feb. 1, 2008
editor's choice SOLAR SYSTEM PACKAGES are easy to order and install. Packages include solar collectors (pictured right), DHW storage tank, system control, pre-assembled pumping station, installation fittings, mounting hardware and more. Both vacuum tube and flat plate solar thermal collectors are available. All components are designed to integrate seamlessly, saving valuable time during the planning

editor's choice

SOLAR SYSTEM PACKAGES are easy to order and install. Packages include solar collectors (pictured right), DHW storage tank, system control, pre-assembled pumping station, installation fittings, mounting hardware and more. Both vacuum tube and flat plate solar thermal collectors are available. All components are designed to integrate seamlessly, saving valuable time during the planning phase of any project. The company's solar systems integrate easily with their existing boiler technology for combination systems.ViessmanCIRCLE 101 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE SOL VELOX SOLAR THERMAL PACKAGE converts any existing water heating system into a solar system. Available in both drainback and glycol models, the pre-assembled system mounts directly to the side of a standard 80-gal. tank. Ideal for retrofit applications, the package eliminates expensive closed-loop storage tanks. It contains no cast iron components to corrode.SolarHotCIRCLE 102 ON INQUIRY CARD
THESE SOLAR COLLECTORS use high-efficiency twin-glass evacuated tubes to absorb solar energy and convert it into usable heat. Freeze protected heat pipes transfer heat from within the evacuated tube up to an insulated copper header pipe through which a heat transfer liquid is circulated. Suitable for domestic or commercial applications, they are efficient even at high delta-t temperatures.ApricusCIRCLE 103 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE MODEL T-M50 TANKLESS WATER HEATER uses two heavy-duty heat exchangers to produce up to 380,000 Btuh, making it one of the most powerful in the industry. The dual system provides redundancy to avoid interruption of service. It begins heating water at a low .5 gpm, and can provide a continuous supply of hot water at 14.5 gpm. Four units can be connected without an additional control box.TakagiCIRCLE 104 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE WATER-EFFICIENT SHOWERHEAD features the company's H2Okinetic Technology to use only 1.6 gpm, while still delivering a superior shower experience. The user is able to manage the droplet size and velocity, spray coverage and thermal dynamics. There are now moving parts within the body sprays, eliminating the risk of malfunction.Delta FaucetCIRCLE 105 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE ENVIROPURE SHOWER FILTER helps remove harmful contaminants from the shower with a combination of kinetic degradation fluxion filtration media and Chlorgon filtration technology. The filter removes chlorine, iron oxide, hydrogen sulfide, dirt and other sediments. The filters are available in four attractive models, including a hand-held model and a high-output model.Water, Inc.CIRCLE 106 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE SOLARAIDE PASSIVE SOLAR WATER HEATER SYSTEM uses a freeze-proof heat transfer fluid to absorb and deliver heat energy even on cold and overcast days. The fluid circulates in a black polyester powder-coat-painted, closed-loop circulator panel, typically installed on a rooftop. The fluid moves through a sealed jacket wrapped around an attached, glass-lined storage tank, where the heat is quickly and efficiently transferred to the potable water inside.RheemCIRCLE 107 ON INQUIRY CARD
A NEW GYPSUM CONCRETE FLOOR UNDERLAYMENT is now available for use in buildings with light-gauge steel framing and a corrugated steel deck. Blending high strength and versatility, the underlayment offers a minimum compressive strength of 3,500 psi and is installed thinner than typical poured-in-place concrete.Haker IndustriesCIRCLE 108 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE ROYAL HIGH-EFFICIENCY URINAL utilizes only .125 gal. of water in a single flush. It combines vitreous china and a washdown urinal fixture with either a manual or sensor-operated flushometer. They contribute to LEED Credits 3.1 and 3.2 for water use reduction. The new units, also known as fractional-flush urinals, provide effective, low-maintenance flushing for public restrooms while reducing water consumption by as much as 88%.SloanCIRCLE 109 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE F9000SS WATERFREE URINAL offers a combination of durability and contemporary design. The bold stainless-steel styling of the urinal compliments modern and environmentally-minded restroom decor. Able to save an average of 40,000 gal. of water per year, it uses a patented cartridge with biodegradable sealant to act as an odor barrier. With no flushing mechanism, no valve maintenance is ever required.Falcon Waterfree TechnologiesCIRCLE 110 ON INQUIRY CARD
REDICLAD 1000° PIPE INSULATION is an innovative solution for outdoor industrial and commercial mechanical systems. It is a weather-resistant pre-jacketed fiberglass insulation that can be used in applications that have traditionally required metal jacketing. The jacket has a self-sealing lap for superior system integrity and speed of installation.KnaufCIRCLE 111 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE HVR SERIES OF WATER COOLERS includes a number of vandal-resistant features needed to accommodate high-traffic areas. UL-listed for both indoor and outdoor use, the coolers meet ADA-requirements for both children and adults. Available in single- and bi-level models, the, they feature chrome-plated heavy-duty unleaded brass bubblers with integral hood guards to prevent tampering. Durable stainless steel on the cabinet and the cooler basin can withstand almost any rough handling while resisting stains and corrosion.Halsey TaylorCIRCLE 112 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE WATER-SENTRY COOLER with visual filter monitor is ideal for educational and healthcare facilities. An LED display on the front alerts the user that the filter is functioning and notifies maintenance when it requires replacement. A built-in, hands-free sensor activates the flow of water for more sanitary operation. It is offered in both single- and bi-level models, and is ADA-compliant for both adults and children.ElkayCIRCLE 113 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE INSUL-WYE ADAPTER for the Insulvent line of venting systems makes installation of Category I gas-fired appliances faster and easier. The component adapts to any manufacturer's B-Vent with branch connections.Z-FlexCIRCLE 114 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE PRO-FLO LINE of lead-free products is the solution to lead-contamination problems occurring in older drinking water equipment and systems in schools, parks and other areas. They consist of high-quality lead-free brass and stainless steel water dispensing components. The line includes bubblers, projector heads, faucets and fountain glass fillers.Tomlinson IndustriesCIRCLE 115 ON INQUIRY CARD
CLEAR PVC PIPE offers superior clarity for systems or applications requiring visual monitoring or leak detection. The Schedule 40 pipe is the perfect choice for confirming flow direction in a pipe, or fluid color changes or contamination. It is available in stock pipe sizes from 1" to 3" diameters in 10' lengths with bell ends, 20' lengths with belle ends and 10'-20' with plain ends. It is strong, lightweight, corrosion-free and chemically resistant to a wide range of fluids.GF Piping SystemsCIRCLE 116 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE MACH-PROSYS BUILDING CONTROLLER is a powerful 32-bit based BACnet device that provides high-speed communications. It features 12 inputs and 8 outputs along with multi-protocol support. Its database allows users to define up to 160 universal I/O on a single address.Reliable ControlsCIRCLE 117 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE M&M SERIES FS250 LIQUID FLOW SWITCH has a measured flow-rate sensing of 5.8 gpm in 1" pipe (horizontal installations), which is up to 18% lower than the measured flow of other switches. It features a 1" NPTM brass pipe connection, 1", 2", 3" and 6" stainless steel paddles and boiler ratings of 250F and 160 psig.McDonnell & MillerCIRCLE 118 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE 13D DEFENDER FIRE PUMP meets NFPA 13 D Standard for boosting water pressure in residential sprinkler systems. The flow ranges from 30 to 60 gpm with a pressure range from 30 to 55 psi.ITTCIRCLE 119 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE MODEL 80DI DUCTILE IRON CHECK VALVE is an in-line poppet-style valve designed to prevent flow reversal. It is made for use with submersible pumps or other applications where it is necessary for the check valve to be installed in the well casing. It is available with a new patented groove lock-type connection. It features a high-strength assembly, a ductile iron poppet, a male threaded inlet and a female threaded outlet.DanfossCIRCLE 120 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE NEW SIMPLEX PRE-ASSEMBLED PUMP PACKAGE SYSTEM contains a 41-gal. capacity. The 24" × 24" system features a 360 molded handle that acts as a secondary anti-flotation device. Flat areas allow for additional field-installed inlets. Cover connections are threaded for vent and discharge piping. It is offered with the company's Model 211 pump. Cast iron models are also available.ZoellerCIRCLE 121 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE CIMPRESS LINE OF PRESS FITTING VALVES is the most extensive of its type on the market today. The 220L ball valve features EPDM O-rings, and is NSF-compliant, making it ideal for use in potable water applications. The valve is also offered with a steel ball and stem for added protection against corrosion. Also offered are the 220G for gas applications, and the 220DK for petrochemical applications.Cimberio ValveCIRCLE 122 ON INQUIRY CARD
A FAMILY OF TANKLESS WATER HEATER AND GAS CONNECTION KITS are now available with all the components needed for easy, economic installation. Each kit consists of service valves designed specifically for tankless heaters, a high BTU gas connector and two water connectors. The service valves feature dual ¾" NPT union connections with color-coded handles.DormontCIRCLE 123 ON INQUIRY CARD
A NEW LINE OF SOLDER POTS designed specifically for use with most lead-free solder alloys and pre-tinning applications is now available. These solder pots feature gray cast-iron crucibles that are highly resistant to the solvent qualities of tin. The operating temperature of the pots should be kept around 100° to 150° above the liquid temperature of the solder alloy.American BeautyCIRCLE 124 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE CELESTIAL SERIES OF HEIRLOOM SINKS are created by embedding minerals within layers of glass. The Aurora Bloom (pictured) offers a sculptural crescent shape. Each sink is one-of-a-kind, due to random variations in the production process.Alchemy Glass & LightCIRCLE 125 ON INQUIRY CARD
A COMPLETE LINE OF PROFESSIONAL-GRADE RATCHETS is now available in ¼", ⅜", ½", ¾" and 1" drives. The ¼" ratchet features a compact, round head designed to fit in confined spaces. The round head ⅜" and ½" ratchets provide greater strength and smoother ratcheting action with less effort. They feature a double pawl design that allows 41 teeth to operate like 82, allowing for a 4½ arc swing. The ratchets are available in various styles and lengths, with most having three choices of handle design.Wright ToolCIRCLE 126 ON INQUIRY CARD
THIS VERSATILE SWIVEL ATTACHMENT makes it easier for the installer to hand rods on a pitched roof, and to use it as an upper attachment for fire protection branch line restraint or as a seismic attachment for hanger rods. The 360/90 swivel is made of steel with an electro-galvanized finish. It meets UL listing for ⅜" to support up to 4" pipe.TolcoCIRCLE 127 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE REDESIGNED ROUND-HEAD RATCHET has a more compact circular head with a 5° swing arc, making it ideal for delicate jobs in confined areas. It also features a free-spinning bearing ring and an ergonomically designed thumb wheel for reversing direction.Stanley ToolCIRCLE 128 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE X-PUMP BLOCK now meets all state and local codes, including those in California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Oregon, thanks to the addition of a double wall heat exchanger. The pump block combines a variable speed mixing control, heat source circulator, constant speed system circulator and heat exchanger all in a single unit. It is an all-in-one mixing system with an attached counterflow-style single- or double-wall brazed plate heat exchanger for total system isolation. For radiant systems, the X-Block's features make it a cost-effective addition for kitchen and bath remodel projects.TacoCIRCLE 129 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE JET-SET MODEL J-2900 GAS-POWERED JETTER is an affordable alternative to larger gas jets. It's driven by an 11 hp Honda engine connected directly to a 3,000 psi, 4 gpm triplex pump with Vibra-pulse on demand for getting around tight bends. The light, maneuverable unit carries a 300' hose reel with reel brake and brass swivel. Safety features include a thermal relief valve to protect the pump.General Pipe CleanersCIRCLE 130 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE MILLHOG HIGH-SPEED, HAND-HELD BEVELER features an automatic locating system that reduces set-up time and can perform end-preps in only seconds. The pilot automatically seats the tube I.D. and a cutterhead with field-replaceable carbide blade inserts and multiple cutting edges to perform 37½° end preps. Easy to use, it can bevel a single tube in three seconds.ESCO ToolCIRCLE 131 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE VESI BATH COLLECTION offers two distinct spout designs in a transitional style with a variety of finish options for contemporary or traditional bathroom decor. The water flow design provides the look, sound and feel of a waterfall to the end user through either a curved or channel spout. All two-handled faucets in the collection feature ceramic valves.BrizoCIRCLE 132 ON INQUIRY CARD
THE CHECKMATE COMBINATION CHECK VALVE, BALL VALVE AND UNION is designed specifically for basement toilets and STEP sewer systems. The all-in-one unit uses up to 50% less space than with the individual components. It does not require multiple glue joints that can cause a time-consuming mess and potential leaks. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, and can easily be removed for maintenance.Flo ControlCIRCLE 133 ON INQUIRY CARD

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