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Jan. 25, 2008
THE 2008 PICKUP PACK is a work truck storage system for contractors that combines security and storage capacity with durability. The system includes various storage compartments, including a gull wing saddle box, two lockable low side boxes, a flat ...

THE 2008 PICKUP PACK is a work truck storage system for contractors that combines security and storage capacity with durability. The system includes various storage compartments, including a gull wing saddle box, two lockable low side boxes, a flat dome or door center hatch and a removable ladder rack. When closed, the hatch locks the tailgate, making the bed area secure and weather-resistant. It is offered with the company’s Gorilla Slide truck bed slide-out cargo tray that holds up to 2,000 lb. to slide cargo in and out of the truck bed quickly and easily.
Highway Products 101
For more information call 800/866-5269 or visit

THE FE125 CLASS 3 MEDIUM DUTY TRUCK sports a new, advanced OBD II system. It offers a GVWR of 12,500 lb., a standard Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission, cruise control, keyless entry, a programmable PTO and On-Off switchable exhaust brake. It will be available with three wheelbases, 114.6", 134.3" and 152.4". All have a straight channel 33.1" wide frame.Mitsubishi Fuso 102For more information call 856/467-4500
THE 2008 SAVANA VAN now features a tire pressure monitoring system, as well as head curtain side air bags, a re-designed instrument panel and an improved small-block V-8 engine, with horsepower ranging from 258 on the Vortec 4.8 L. to 323 hp with the Vortec 6.0 L. Light-duty models are rated at 7,200 lb. GVW, with heavy-duty models rated at 8,600 lb. GVW.GMC 103For more information call 586/492-2866
THE NEW N-SERIES TRUCKS feature a new modern cab design that is more rigid for greater operator safety. Large front-disc breaks and large, self-adjusting drum rear brakes deliver better stopping power. A 14,550 lb. capacity heavy-duty banjo-type rear axle allows for a heavier load. The exhaust system is stainless steel with a particulate filter, muffler and exhaust cooler to meet the latest emissions standards. It has a 6,000 lb. towing capacity and a 6.0 L. Vortec gas engine.Isuzu Truck 104For more information visit www.
THE SNUGPRO COMMERICAL TRUCK CAP features recessed fiberglass side doors that virtually disappear into the cap when closed for a sleek appearance. The doors have folding, recessed T-handles with three-way secure locking for maximum security. It is available for most truck models in several different styles. Each of the cap’s toolboxes is offered with a variety of shelving options.Snugtop 105For more information call 562/432-5454 or visit
THE CARCHIP PRO TRACKING SYSTEM enables contractors to easily monitor their drivers and fleet vehicles’ engine performance for increased productivity. It tracks such details as mileage, speed, quick accelerations and hard braking. It tracks up to 23 different performance parameters that may help preempt expensive repairs. It is easy to install, plugging into a vehicles diagnostic port under the dashboard.CarChip106For more information call 800/678-3669 or visit
THE SPIDER GEAR BED WEB CARGO SECURING SYSTEM is designed to secure items in pickup truck beds or rooftop cargo racks. Constructed from heavy-duty 6 mm. cord radiating from a center stainless steel ring, it streches to one-and-a-half times its size to secure even and uneven loads. Items stay securely positioned thanks to molded hooks. It is offered in black, blue, yellow and red.Global Accessories 107For more information call 800/736-1610
THE MOBILE DATA TERMINAL 860 is an add-on to the company’s basic vehicle tracking package. It offers fleet managers advanced management and communication capabilities. It allows drivers to receive real-time information including route updates and directions. It can be set up to require unique driver PIN numbers to facilitate logging driver activities. It uses simple, one-touch menu navigation and alpha-numeric keys for easy messaging.Navman108For more information call 866/527-9896 or visit
DCU TRUCK CAPS are now available for the 2008 Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra. They are offered in four height configurations, 23", 26", 29" and 36", with several rear door options. Truck owners can choose from optional roof racks, various toolbox configurations, a selection of window and door sizes and a polyester fabric liner designed to prevent condensation from collecting inside the cap.A.R.E.109For more information call 800/649-4ARE or visit
THE KNOCKDOWN JUMBO VAN SHELVING LINE is designed for use with the Dodge and Freightliner Sprinter vans. It now includes an 18"-wide, 57½"-tall tapered end panel. Additional lengths of the 18"-wide accessory shelves have also been created. The shelving is constructed of 18-gauge steel and is finished in a bright white powder-coat for a professional appearance and corrosion-resistance.Weather Guard 110For more information call 800/456-7865 or visit
THE W62 TRUCK CHASSIS extends the capacity of the company’s walk-in lineup with 19,500 lb. and 23,500 lb. GVWR models. It uses General Motors’ 8.1 L Vortec V8 gasoline engine mated to a five-speed Allison 1000HS or Allison 2200HS transmission. The big block engine delivers 310 hp and 455 lb.-ft. of torque. Additional features include four wheel disc brakes and premium gas shock absorbers.Workhorse 111For more information call 877/294-6773 or visit
THIS HIGH-HEAD FILTERED EFFLUENT PUMP is powered by a ½ hp Franklin electric super stainless submersible motor. The pump is designed for applications where filtered effluent must be transferred under pressure and in various distribution configurations. It can be used in septic tank effluent pumping systems and dosing systems, as well as in aerators, fountains and waterfalls. It is engineered for use in new and replacement installations. Six models are available based upon amps and flow rates. The thermoplastic discharge and motor brackets are tough and non-corrosive.Little Giant Pump 112For more information call 800/701-7894 or visit
THE GU32 HYBRID WATER HEATING SYSTEM features a two-pass heat exchanger to help deliver 86% thermal efficiency. It is one of the cleanest gas-burning appliances on the market, emitting only 5 ppm NOX. The unit can be vented with PVC pipe, making for easy installation. It is equipped with a computer monitoring system to prevent scalding or cold water shock.Eternal 113For more information call 877/934-7455 or visit
THE CORSAIR BATHROOM COLLECTION includes a single control lavatory faucet, as well as ceramic valve pressure balanced tub/shower and Roman tub faucets. The collection is available in chrome and brushed nickel finishes.Danze 114For more information call 877/530-3344 or visit
THURMALOX 218 PRIMER/219 TOPCOAT PROTECTIVE COATINGS are formulated to protect metal surfaces under insulation exposed to temperatures from ambient to 450?F, and many other applications involving continuous and rapid wet-dry-wet thermal cycling. The coatings are a high-solids, high build abrasion-resistant modified silicone formulation.Dampney 115For more information call 617/389-2805 or visit
THE FIREPEX RESIDENTIAL FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM combines all the benefits of a PEX-based system with the traditional installation techniques and configurations familiar to the fire sprinkler professional. The system consists of PEXa pipe, solid brass fittings and UL-listed sprinkler heads, and meets NFPA standard 13D for installation in one- and two-family dwellings and manufactured homes. It accommodates a working pressure of 130 psi and an ambient temperature rating of 120?F.Rehau 116For more information call 800/247-9445 or visit
THE APOLLO PIPE MASTER BALL VALVE offers 100 different end combinations in each size. It is offered in ½", ¾" and 1" sizes with inlet and outlet fittings for copper, PEX, PVC, CPVC, PE (poly) and steel pipe. End connection options also include crimp and push fittings. The silicone-free valve features a blowout-proof stem design, adjustable stem packing and corrosion-resistant construction. The lever and nut are made from zinc-plated steel.Conbraco 117For more information call 704/841-6000 or visit
THE FLOODSAFE WATER DETECTOR SHUT OFF not only shuts off the water supply to protect against property damage caused by a leaking water heater, but also removes the source of power to the water heater to prevent a possible explosion. The control unit, mounted to the water shutoff valve, houses the circuitry, audible and visual alarms, silence button and connection sockets. The alarm can be wired to a monitored system. The detector pad can sense as little as 1/16" standing water.Watts 119For more information call 800/617-3274 or visit
THE HYDRO STAT MODLE C3100 DIRECT ACTING PUMP CONTROL reduces rapid pump cycling and maintains a pre-set operating pressure which is field-adjustable. It features a low-lead alloy body and bell housing with a threaded female I.D. X male O.D. on inlet and outlet connections.Danfoss 120For more information call 800/833-2040 or visit
THE KUBIK FAUCET has a sleek, modern design that compliments modern urban architecture. It is manufactured of solid brass for reliability and corrosion-resistance. Dependable ceramic disc cartridges ensure high-quality performance. Present finishes include chrome and stainless steel.Danal’i 121For more information call 954/559-3214
THE HOT-RODDER SECTIONAL DRAIN CLEANER is able to rapidly remove clogs in large lines and long runs. It features a quick-release chuck handle that activates a rugged ¾ hp motor. The motor is able to spin 10' or 15' cable sections at 715 rpm, clearing up to 10" diameter lines 200' away. Its large, chrome-plated handles fold over in seconds to make the machine compact for storage or transport. Large 10" semi-pneumatic wheels make it easy to move the machine to and from the job site.General Pipe Cleaners 122For more information call 800/245-6200 or visit
THE SAN SIMEON LUXURY FAUCET is ideal for any size master bath. It features curving, crown-ribbed melon handles and bell-shaped escutcheons that are decoratively notched at the base. Matching trim establishes the foundation of the dramatically angled spout. The drain release flares up from behind the spout into a smooth half-sphere surrounded by a ring. It is available in polished chrome, polished brass, and a number of premium finishes.California Faucets123For more information call 800/822-8855 or visit
FAR PRE-ASSEMBLED RADIANT HEATING DISTRIBUTION MANIFOLDS are available in 1", 1¼" and 1½" with two to 12 heating loops. With just two screws, a basic unit can easily grow to meet any system’s needs by adding a two, three or four circuit port modular section. Laterally positioned circuit ports ease pipe attachment, optimize flow and reduce turbulence.Cimberio 124For more information call 877/228-9246 or visit
THE HI-VIZ TOOL BOX is available with a matched caddy for easy transport to and from the job site. The three-tier tool box provides space for storage and organization in a compact, lightweight unit. Its resin construction is impact-resistant and weather resistant. It can also be used as a handy step-stool and seat.Klein Tools 125For more information call 800/553-4676 or visit
THE B-1200 SERIES GLASS FILLER has a contemporary design that is easier to clean and more convenient to use. The modified lever extends further down and out, making it more accessible for a variety of containers.T&S Brass and Bronze Works 126For more information call 800/476-4103 or visit
THE MODEL R86006 18-V. DRILL/DRIVER is lightweight and compact to help reduce user fatigue. It delivers 455 in.-lb. of torque, and is able to run longer with fade-free power thanks to a lithium-ion battery. It provides at least 2000 cycles (recharges) per battery. It has two speeds: 0-450 and 0-1,500 RPM (no load). The heavy-duty ½" single-sleeve locking carbide chuck tightens quickly, while the automatic spindle lock allows the user to open and close the chuck with one hand.Ridgid 127For more information call 800/769-7743 or visit
THE BORDELAISE KITCHEN SINK is designed to facilitate safe and efficient food preparation and water disposal in the back portion of the kitchen or near the stove. It features a large, round basin on one end ideal for filling and emptying large pots. The opposite end is a rectangular trough best suited for food preparation or presentation.Kohler 128For more information call 800/4-KOHLER or visit
THE SANIGUARD ANTI-MICROBIAL TREATMENT will now be used on many of the company’s products, including the flush valve handles on its signature Flushometer line. A blue collar will identify those fixtures with the treatment — currently the only one to meet the NSF protocol standard.Sloan Valve 129For more information call 877/SANIGUARD or visit
THE SELECT ULTRA LOW NOX LINE OF WATER HEATERS are gas-fired, and designed with the residential market in mind. The line employs a new hybrid radiant burner system to meet the 10 nanograms/joule NOX requirements established by SCAQMD. The burner offers an increased surface area, durable stainless steel construction and a cooler burner flame. All units feature flammable vapor ignition resistance technology. They are offered in 30- 40- and 50-gal. capacities.State Water Heaters130For more information visit
THIS 18-V. COMPACT DRILL features lithium-ion batteries for dependable operation. It delivers the speed (0-1,400 RPM) and power (400 in.-lb. of torque) for demanding applications. It weighs just 4 lb. to help reduce operator fatigue. It has a two-speed magnesium gearbox, 22-position clutch setting and a ratcheting chuck for greater versatility and control. A built-in LED light provides added visibility when working in tight areas.Milwuakee Electric 131For more information call 800/SAWDUST or visit
THE ADELAIDE CUBE TOILET is a new addition to the company’s expanding line of dual-flush toilets. The high-efficiency toilet has two chrome buttons atop the tank that release two different water volumes, one for a 0.8-gal. flush, the other for a 1.6-gal. flush. It features a fully-skirted bowl, is ADA-compliant, and available in either white or biscuit.Caroma 132For more information call 800/605-4248 or visit
THE LARGO 3660 LUXURY WHIRLPOOL TUB features pre-installed integral arm rests and an optional 14" pillow for added comfort. It is 60" long, holds up to 51-gal. of water, and is crafted from high-gloss acrylic.Eljer 133For more information call 800/423-5537
WET/DRY ALL WEATHER CEMENT is a fast-set, low V.O.C., medium-bodied solvent weld cement formulated for all weather conditions. It works as repair cement on wet or dry pipe and requires no primer prior to assembly of pipe or fittings. It allows for immediate pressure testing of the system. It is suitable for use and storage at temperatures below 0?F.Whitlam 134For more information call 800/321-8358 or visit

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