Uponor releases Factory Training program schedule

May 13, 2009
Uponor has released its 2009 Factory Training program schedule, which is available online at www.uponor-usa.com/training.

Uponor has released its 2009 Factory Training program schedule, which is available online at www.uponor-usa.com/training.

“This year we’re taking our factory training classes to the next level,” said Wes Sisco, senior trainer at Uponor. “We’ve enhanced our curriculum to include more in-depth education and training for our radiant and multipurpose plumbing and fire sprinkler systems. With this new training program, we can ensure our professional partners in the industry are well-equipped to meet the demanding needs of today’s building market.”

Headed by Sisco, and supported by Steve Swanson, customer trainer, the Uponor Factory Training program offers the following six courses for radiant and plumbing professionals:

Radiant Solutions Fundamentals 101 is a three-day course that develops an understanding of the key elements of radiant floor heating systems, including delivery fundamentals, installation techniques, zoning, balancing, heat loss, heating plant options, and piping and control strategies.

Radiant Solutions Advanced 102 is a three-day course that brings radiant professionals to the next level with hydronic radiant systems. Participants learn tricks of the trade with near-boiler piping, hybrid systems, zoning, wiring system controls and more, providing the knowledge to configure and troubleshoot a hydronic radiant system from the heat source to the heat emitter. Participants should have basic knowledge of hydronic radiant heating systems.

Radiant Solutions Advanced Design Suite is a one-day course designed for radiant professionals looking to develop their understanding of radiant system design through the use of Uponor’s ADS software. This class focuses on whole-house radiant system design and shows participants how to simplify and economize their radiant systems and enhance their performance. Attendees will work with a laptop computer (provided) and a set of radiant blueprints to design a complete radiant system.

Radiant Solutions Controls 101 is a two-day course, featuring information and installation techniques for Uponor wiring and controls. Participants will experience hands-on opportunities to wire and program Uponor controls, including thermostats, zoning controls, the Climate Control Multifunction Controller, Climate Control Zoning System and the proPANEL series.

Radiant Solutions Controls 102 is a two-day course that focuses on the new Climate Control Network System. Participants learn to install and commission a Network System using Uponor’s integrated UCT software tool, Network System thermostats, field modules, digital zone control modules and primary equipment control relays.

AQUASAFE Level 1 is a one-day course designed for the plumbing professional interested in learning how to install the Uponor multipurpose fire sprinkler system, AQUASAFE. Participants will learn best-in-class design and installation techniques as well as system troubleshooting tips. At the end of training, attendees who test with a passing grade of 70% will be approved as Uponor-trained AQUASAFE installers.

Additional information, including dates, times and costs of sessions, is available at: www.uponor-usa.com/training.

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