Triangle Tube brings water to African village through A Drink for Tomorrow

July 23, 2010
A Drink for Tomorrow, in partnership with Triangle Tube will fund the construction of a freshwater well in the village of Labala, located in Botswana, Africa.

BLACKWOOD, NJ — A Drink for Tomorrow, in partnership with Triangle Tube will fund the construction of a freshwater well in the village of Labala, located in Botswana, Africa. This project, made possible entirely by Triangle Tube’s donation, will consist of a newly drilled well approximately 100 feet deep and a new hand pump to draw clean water from the well. The well will provide a community of approximately 400 people with clean, safe drinking water, although it is expected that more people will relocate to this village once the water is made available. Updates on the well's construction will be provided as available on A Drink for Tomorrow’s website,

In Botswana, many poor villagers are forced to drink water from contaminated rain and surface water catchment ditches, like the one pictured below. Despite the fact that the water is contaminated with dirt and disease, children spend much of their time walking to these sources that are often far from their villages and hauling the water back to their communities because it is the only option. The lack of water also greatly inhibits the villagers’ ability to cultivate agriculture, which has a serious impact on their survival.

Triangle Tube has been an innovator and industry leader in the manufacture of quality stainless steel water heating equipment, providing highly efficient, environmentally sound solutions to the heating and plumbing industry for over 60 years. The company decided to use their success in manufacturing hot water systems to fund the construction of a system that will bring clean, cold water to approximately 400 people living in an impoverished community with no access to clean water. Triangle Tube’s President, Daniel Lasserre, reflects upon the company’s contribution, “Because we produce water heaters and boilers, water is vital for Triangle Tube. However, it is even more essential for all people to survive. Nowhere is this more evident than in remote villages without clean water like Labala. What better way for Triangle Tube to contribute to society than to make clean water available for this community? We know that this will provide a foundation for their success, as it has for Triangle Tube.”

A Drink for Tomorrow is grateful for Triangle Tube’s generous support of their efforts to generate funds and awareness in order to provide clean water to people who lack this basic human right. A Drink for Tomorrow’s founder Stephanie Weaver comments, “Involving Triangle Tube in our efforts in this capacity is surely our organization's most significant accomplishment to date. Triangle Tube's generosity will bring so much more than clean water to hundreds of people; it will reduce the burden of disease, free up hours each day for children who will no longer need to haul water for miles, and allow the community to cultivate agriculture to eat or sell. We strive to continue working with Triangle Tube and other businesses to bring life-giving water and hope to communities in dire need."

Triangle Tube is the first business to step up to work with A Drink for Tomorrow to fully fund a water project.

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