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LED Disinfection for Ductless AC

April 3, 2019
Source: Mini LED is a proven disinfection method on mold on mini-split coils, blowers and drain pans, but is safe for eyes and polymer components.

Fresh-Aire UV®, Jupiter, Fla., the leading manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection for mini-splits, introduces the Mini LED, the first LED light disinfection system designed specifically for ductless mini-split air conditioners and other limited space HVAC applications.

The patented Mini LED was a 2019 AHR Innovation Award IAQ category finalist, and also voted “one of the 10 best technologies of 2018” at the Service World Expo. It features a 30-light LED array embedded on a self-adhesive, size-customizable 1/2-inch-wide (12.7-mm) flexible strip. The LED array maintains mini-split blowers, drain pans and coils free of mold and other biological contaminants without producing airborne ions, ozone or reactive oxygen species (ROS). A March 2019 study by third-party testing authority confirmed the LED light efficacy in biological contaminant disinfection of internal mini-split component surfaces. “Antibacterial Activity and Sanitizing Efficacy of the Fresh-Aire UV Mini LED” confirmed a 99-percent deactivation of the HVAC industry’s most prevalent and problematic mold, Aspergillus niger within six hours.

The Mini LED light output is safe for eyes and doesn’t fade or degrade interior polymer components due to Fresh-Aire UV’s proprietary “tuned” LED innovation. The replaceable LED strip has a minimum five-year service life.

The 120-264V, 50/60-Hz multi-voltage inverter power supply also carries a five-year warranty.

This chemical-free, zero-ozone approach is irreplaceable for mini-splits, which is the fastest growing HVAC category in North America. Mini-splits are prone to mold and microbial growth due to inherently confined interiors that are tight fits for traditional UV-C lamps and inaccessible for power washing without complete disassembly. 

The Mini LED's other features are:

  • Fits all commercial and residential ductless A/C brands and applications;
  • Saves energy and extends mini-split lifecycle;
  • Quick and simple installation.

The Mini LED is sold through North American and international wholesale HVAC distributors. For more information on the Mini LED or other Fresh-Aire UV products, please visit, call 1-(800) 741-1195 or email: [email protected].

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