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Bradford White reflects on it's 30-year commitment to the plumbing & heating professional.

For Bradford White, Innovation Remains Critical

Dec. 19, 2022
As the year comes to a close, Jim McGoldrick, Senior Vice President, Sales for Bradford White shares the company's vision for the future.

By Jim McGoldrick

Since 1881, Bradford White Corporation has represented excellence in the water-heating industry. We have been able to consistently deliver high-quality, innovative products to our customers for more than 140 years thanks to the trusted relationships we have built with our customers and partners, and the employees who continue to drive the company’s achievements.

Throughout 2022, Bradford White has been celebrating our commitment to the professionals who are the backbone of the plumbing, heating and cooling industry. In 1992, we reaffirmed that commitment, announcing that Bradford White would challenge industry trends and manufacture reliable, high-performing water-heating products exclusively for professional installation.

As we look back on 30 years of our reaffirmed commitment to the professional, we also look forward to the future success we’re building today. Our vision for the coming years is based on the same strategy that has always inspired us, to develop products for our customers that are Built to be the Best®.

Innovation and Technology

Bradford White’s vision for the next 30 years and beyond is staying laser-focused on innovation and providing the solutions our customers need.Our new state-of-the-art research facility supports ongoing research into critical technologies that will ensure Bradford White remains a leader in water heater performance and efficiency. This is especially important given the regulatory landscape and significant focus on electrification, specifically through the use of heat pump water heater technology and other developing solutions.

We’re American Strong™

Bradford White’s manufacturing facilities are located in Michigan and New Hampshire and develop products for use in homes and businesses around the world.  Maintaining our factories in the United States has allowed us to provide good paying jobs and deliver high-quality products to our valued customers. 

For the Pro®

Our commitment to professionals extends beyond high-quality Bradford White products and allows us to provide comprehensive support few other manufacturers in our industry can match. As we follow our vision into the future, we will continue to provide an extensive range of services for contractors and specifiers, from professional development opportunities such as our For the Pro® online platform to the RightSpec® Sizing Guide online tool, online contractor directory and new fleet of advanced training trailers designed to deliver critical immersive education to contractors in the field.

For more information on Bradford White training, email [email protected]

Supporting Communities

To fully support the employees and professionals who ensure our long-term success, Bradford White is committed to investing in the communities where they and their families live and work. 

Bradford White’s signature charitable giving program, Industry Forward™, includes a major investment in education and workforce development, driven by the critical need to drive awareness, education, and training to help close the chronic skilled trades labor shortage.  Also, our investment in Plumbers without Borders aids their mission to support plumbers around the world and ensure access to safe water supplies. 

In Middleville, Michigan, our employees volunteer with the United Way each year during their Day of Caring, helping to revitalize open space areas through clean-up projects.  And, across the Bradford White family of companies, we also support youth STEM programs, local food pantries, holiday toy drives, youth sports leagues and more.  

The future of Bradford White is bright, thanks to the many people who stood beside us in our early days back in 1992 to our long-tenured partners and colleagues who trust in us today. We are proud to be a part of a great industry that evolves and meets the challenges of today to positively impact the lives of tomorrow.

Jim McGoldrick is Senior Vice President, Sales for Bradford White Corp.

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