REHAU Organizes International Innovation Days

July 17, 2018
For the first time in its 70-year company history, polymer specialist REHAU invited its employees worldwide to learn about new products, materials and processes.

More than 40 teams were present at booths during the "REHAU Innovation Days" to present their developments, answer questions and enter into dialogue with one another. The employees of the polymer specialist were not only able to visit the event on site at the REHAU ART communication center in Rehau, Germany, but were also able to participate in the event virtually. "Our goal is to become an innovation leader and the diversity of our innovation projects shows that we are on the right track. Our employees must be familiar with the topics that, in addition to their core business, are intended to ensure tomorrow's corporate success, and understand our strategy," explains Dr. Stefan Girschik, Deputy CEO of the REHAU Group and the event’s host.

The variety of innovation topics that the company presented to its employees comprised a wide range of products and services. From window alarm systems and media-tight lights for agricultural applications, smart, integrated system solutions for real estate and digital planning software for bathroom renovations to new production and recycling processes and evolutionary e-learning offers: More than 40 innovation topics could be discovered. The event was not limited to the REHAU ART communication center; the inner courtyard of the company premises also became the scene of innovations. The electric minibus e.GO Mover was carefully looked over and the cooperation with the electric vehicle manufacturer from Aachen was presented. With the help of a moderator, the development team explained what tomorrow's vehicle advertising could look like: using geolocation services pro-jected onto the rear window, for example.

"Today in many areas it is not only the quality of a product that counts. The importance of services and additional functionalities is constantly increasing," explains Girschik. Constantly changing international markets, an increasingly demanding competitive environment and changing customer requirements pose challenges for companies worldwide. REHAU President Jobst Wagner, who addressed his employees before a round of talks, emphasized: "We must succeed in positioning REHAU in completely new markets, reaching new customer groups and thus growing further beyond our current business. We have innovative ideas. Now it is important to bring these products quickly and successfully to the international markets." New business models, innovative approaches and metrics, the bundling of know-how and competencies as well as strategic alliances should help to achieve this goal.

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