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Valve Manufacturers Association Holds 2022 Annual Meeting

Sept. 20, 2022
High turnout indicates strength of the industrial valve industry.
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SANTA BARBARA, CA - The 2022 VMA/VRC Annual Meeting was held September 7th - 9th. The meeting welcomed VMA and VRC members for three days of networking and programming that tackled today’s issues and networking opportunities designed to create meaningful partnerships. The event boasted the highest number of paid attendees in seven years, with close to 150 participants overall and over 20 new attendees.

“The attendance at this year's meeting reflects the enthusiasm of leaders in the industrial valve industry, even given the myriad of business challenges being faced daily.” said Heather Rhoderick, VMA president, “They’re ready to get together and discuss solutions to some of the top issues that are affecting our industry today, and the Annual Meeting is the perfect platform for them to find new ways to motivate, innovate, and adapt.”

Top Issues

Attendees took part in education sessions and discussions that focused on a variety of topics that are on the forefront of the industry’s mind now, including workforce development, the 2022 U.S. midterm elections, and China’s influence and impact on the U.S., Canadian, and global economy. The topic of workforce retention and recruitment generated a robust discussion throughout the meeting, and especially during a session on returning to the workplace considerations. 

The open dialogue member forum discussion resulted in companies sharing ideas on what they are doing to keep employees, as well a discussion on ways the valve industry can positively impact sustainability and environmental issues going forward.

Looking Ahead

Additionally, attendees were presented with two slightly different perspectives on the U.S. economy and where it’s headed in 2023 during a lively Q&A with two leading experts—a macro economist and an industry stock analyst. Other sessions included a look at the valve industry’s largest end-user markets, including oil and gas, and water/wastewater, and a culture expert who closed out the meeting with an engaging talk on the role leaders have in culture—and some specific examples and ideas on what they can do to engage with their employees in meaningful ways.

“As the saying goes, ‘knowledge is power’," remarked Rhoderick, “and, VMA members left the Annual Meeting with the knowledge to help them create a successful game plan for their businesses in 2023.”

In addition to education sessions and discussions, attendees networked with peers and honored outstanding industry contributors during the Annual Meeting Awards Dinner & Gala.

The 2023 Annual Meeting will take place in Savannah, GA, September 27-29.

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