The New Flat Rate
The theme of this year's Business Uncensored conference was 'Back to the Future.'

The New Flat Rate Concludes Business Uncensored Conference

Oct. 14, 2022
This year's conference took a "Back to the Future" theme, and presented educational sessions and networking events for home service contractors.

ATLANTA, GA — The New Flat Rate, a company dedicated to helping home service contractors boost their profits through menu pricing systems held its 4th Annual Business Uncensored Conference in Altanta, GA at the Omni Hotel October 3-5.

The theme of this year's conference was an '80s throwback, "Back to the Future," with a focus on preparing business owners for more profitable days to come. The event featured networking events, including breakfasts, a golf outing, and an opening reception titled (what else?) "Enchantment Under the Sea." The closing reception include a Pinewood Derby race as well as an awards dinner.

The New Flat Rate welcomed 155 attendees to Atlanta for the conference. Each attendee received detailed binders including an "Action Plan" to map out implementation at the office and a challenge to make the most of any "nuggets" of information mined during the two days.

CEO and Founder Rodney Koop gave the farewell session, challenging everyone in the audience to use the tools given them to take their business to the future—"It's for our kids, Marty!"”

Over 16 educational sessions were offered that covered topics such as closing the sale, personal communication strategies, empowering your employees and more. Speakers included New Flat Rate Founder and CEO Rodney Koop, New Flat Rate President Danielle Putnam, and Keynote Speaker Dominic Rubino. Rubino is a noted business coach, author and host of the Profit Toolbelt podcast.

Building a Winning Culture

Rubino commenced his keynote with two questions: What do your employees hope you will gain at this conference? What do you want your legacy to be within your family and home?

Rubino offered a solid, measurable figure to determine the Return On Investment of time spent working: what is the business owner’s Revenue Responsibility per hour? In other words, how much does your business need to make per hour to remain profitable, maintain salaries and even offer raises, grow capital, etc? How much is your time as a business owner worth?

Rubino walked attendees through an exercise to determine the Revenue Responsibility/Hour, and then he challenged the audience to consider the cost of losing time and vision. For instance, if your RR/H is $1,000 per hour, a sour employee who brings negativity or a customer who did not receive great service costs your company time. Viewing our time through RR/H puts a number to the adage “time is money.” The question Rubino then posed addressed the business of business: How can we change the company culture to one of winning and ownership, thereby protecting time and valuable RR/H?

Rubino concluded by telling attendees self-reflection is a powerful tool to help our team and company take ownership of our actions and can have a huge impact on a company’s growth.

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