The New Flat Rate
Business Uncensored 2023

The New Flat Rate Celebrates a Successful 5th Annual Business Uncensored

Oct. 30, 2023
The price generating software company partnered with Service World Expo for the 2023 event.

DALTON, GA — The New Flat Rate provided contractors with high level business training and strategies for a strong launching pad into 2024 during their annual Business Uncensored event. 

Different from the norm, Business Uncensored partnered with Service World Expo to provide a joint event for contractors pursuing excellence in their local markets.

“This year, we had a fantastic opportunity to partner with Service World Expo to shake things up and make both events bigger and better,” said Danielle Putnam, president of The New Flat Rate. With their busy schedules, contractors do not have the time to attend multiple events throughout the year. With that said, attending events is key to helping contractors develop those positive habits that create results. Having these two major events together made it easier for them to attend both and get the education they needed without sacrificing additional travel hours and time out of the office.”

“Synergistic partnerships provide pathways for growth that propel everyone further faster. Together, we were able to provide more content, a more robust schedule and a new stage with a fresh voice to the existing Service World Expo universe.”

New Expo Hall

One key benefit for Business Uncensored attendees was the Service World Expo Hall, which provided a plethora of vendors and visibility into the latest technologies.

“One of the major positives of this year’s event was growth for Business Uncensored,” Putnam said. “We were able to provide incredible value to the Business Uncensored world by giving past attendees a new expo hall with access to more of the vendors they need to best serve their business. There were multiple members who told us they had the opportunity to speak with vendors and learn about things they didn’t know were available for the service they were paying for.”

Those who attended the event were treated to discussions from a full roster of speakers that included Putnam; Matt Koop, Vice President of The New Flat Rate; Rodney Koop, Founder of The New Flat Rate; Tersh Blissett and Joshua Crouch of Service Business Mastery Podcast; Tom Peregrino, President of Service Nation; Steve Moon, President of Moon Services Inc.; Ben Middleton, National Sales Training Manager at Daikin Comfort Technologies; and Crystal Williams, Founder and Creative Strategist at Lemon Seed Marketing. In addition, Matthew Bratsis, VP of OPTIMUS Financing, led a panel of contractors which included: Jonathan Perez, Rodney Dunlap and Suzanne Wedeven.

Educational Sessions

Discussion topics covered a wide range of areas that included:

  • The Disruption of AI in the Trades: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  • The Service Call Lifecycle 
  • From Chaos to Clarity: Unleashing the Secrets to Business Success
  • The CEO’s Targets to Success: Achieving More in Less Time
  • Oh No! To Pro: How to Train Your Tech to Become Master Craftsmen
  • And much more.

“While we hosted the event with Service World Expo, it was also important to our members to maintain that non-competitive environment that encourages collaboration,” said Putnam. “So, we were able to host a full-day process development workshop the day before Service World Expo opened to provide a space for contractors who wanted to go a step further and devote more time to their business.”

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