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AHR Expo
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Oct. 13, 2022
When we connect ourselves to the reinvention train we are in for an amazing ride. Hop on!

Our industry and all other Industries are in midst of reinvention. Remote anywhere work, the radical change in the use of existing infrastructures, and the evolving online economies all cry for the reinvention of “virtually" everything. Reinvention is the action or process through which something is changed so much that it appears to be entirely new.

As we start our personal journey of reinvention we can see, feel, and experience things beyond our present imagination, connecting us to other people with their own reinvention visions and journeys. Our planned reinvention needs to allow room for the reinvention of others. We need to plan for the changes that we perhaps can’t accommodate now but that we know will happen.

When we connect ourselves to the reinvention train we are in for an amazing ride. Hop on!

The communication and interaction this collective reinvention demands are of extreme interest to me. We have been very busy the last few months reinventing our online identity

It has been a mind-expanding exercise, learning to think younger led by those that were born connected. Learning and understanding that what we did in the past stored on a laptop, stored on a drive, is now completely done on a phone connected to the cloud.

Each reinvention leads to the next and when the complex pieces are in place it all becomes amazing simple and we are able to do complex things easily. Understanding how the younger folks think and interact with only their phones is the core of anywhere-anytime connections.

Almost everything you touch is in a process of reinvention, and the speed of that change is amazing. Our shiny new cloud interface is built on top of our 23 years of content and can reach back into the “Wayback” to quote and connect to what we have done before and include that in today’s conversations.

Keep in mind, reinvention is never done, and our reinventions need to be shared. In the course of our site’s redesign and reinvention, it became apparent that we not needed to provide an industry-edited dynamic library/landing/launch pad where we all can write on the walls for the world to see and the industry to exchange ideas. This virtual community—created by all, controlled by all—creates a powerful new way of taking our messages to the world.

Very pleased with this LinkedIn Post:

Tridium is happy to be supporting Ken Sinclair with this exciting new refresh of It is #hero ‘s work to host the IT/OT/IoT Convergence Conversation happening around #smartbuildings and #proptech

The connections to valuable resources like those below are what we collectively can provide in a timely fashion with our new reinvented industry-sponsored web wall.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and contributing editor Mark Petock offers his thoughts on the state of cybersecurity in 2022:

Since 2004, October has been designated as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. While we should be thinking about cybersecurity every day, this month is a stark reminder that we need to continually protect ourselves and our assets. According to the World Economic Forum, cyber incidents rank alongside natural disasters and climate change as one of humanity’s top ten risks globally…

Our Contributing Editor, BACnet International President and Managing Director Andy McMillan, authors this Forward for the BACnet Handbook:

This new handbook outlines how BACnet has emerged as the leading global communication standard driving interoperability between a wide range of devices and equipment in modern buildings. It brings together current technical and applications understanding along with future trends for the first time. The handbook is a valuable resource for business and technical leaders to plan their product roadmaps and smart building infrastructure.

Secured by Cimetrics™ has recently finished its Manufacturers’ Guide to BAS Cybersecurity. From the announcement:

After two years of industry collaboration with BAS cybersecurity experts, Cimetrics is pleased to announce the completion and release of the Secured by Cimetrics Manufacturers’ Guide to BAS Cybersecurity. The guide provides a roadmap for OEM vendors to build upon the success of BACnet/SC towards creating an interoperable management framework to design, install, and maintain multi-vendor BACnet systems securely to meet the highest cybersecurity standards now demanded by IT departments.

Many more connections on our site but you can see how others’ reinventions need to be communicated and shared.

Once we collect the industry reinventions we can share them at events like AHR Expo. Here is a sneak preview of our planned 12 sessions:

Hosted by’s Ken Sinclair with help from his Contributing editors and Sponsors, with on-Site Coordination and Teams production by Cochrane Supply.  This year’s theme is “Turning Chaos into Creativity.”

Some of the subject matter of our sessions:

Cyber security for Building Automation Systems – Finding Talent – Cybersecurity Apprenticeships – ESG – Decarbonization – “The Great Convergence“- Metaverse, Digital Twins, and Virtual Reality – The Move from Smart Buildings to Smarter Buildings – BACnet/SC as a Foundation for Secure & Interoperable BAS Cybersecurity – Smart Buildings Academy IP Networking Fundamentals for Construction Professionals – Workforce Analytics – plus much more.

Here are some quotes to keep you inspired on your reinvention.

This one fits our AHRExpo theme:

“I am still making order out of chaos by reinvention.” —John le Carre

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