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UA, HVAC Excellence Sign Student Placement Agreement

Aug. 13, 2019
The agreement establishes a transitional pathway for advanced placement to students enrolled in HVACR educational programs accredited by HVAC Excellence to the United Associations Department of Labor approved apprenticeship program.

Representatives from the United Association and HVAC Excellence met recently to sign a new articulation agreement. The agreement establishes a transitional pathway for advanced placement to students enrolled in HVACR educational programs accredited by HVAC Excellence to the United Associations Department of Labor approved apprenticeship program.

The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the United States, Canada (UA), affiliated with the national building trades, represents approximately 355,000 members across North America. 

HVAC Excellence works to improve competency in the HVACR industry though validation of the technical education process at various stages of a technician’s career. To accomplish their goals, they offer; portable and stackable credentials (for students, technicians and educators), professional development, and programmatic accreditation. 

What is an Articulation Agreement?
An articulation agreement documents the transfer policies from one institution of learning to anotherfor advanced placement. The process provides the tools to compare the content offered at an HVAC Excellence accredited program, and those offered that the nearly 350 United Association apprenticeship training centers. 

How Does the Agreement Benefits HVACR Students?
When students graduate from a HVACR educational program, they may enroll in an apprenticeship program, to further their career opportunities. However, credits earned while in school often do not transfer to an apprenticeship program, results in a person retaking classes. Through this articulation agreement, students applying to the United Association apprenticeship program may be granted, up to one year of training credit and start their training in the second year of the apprenticeship program. 

How Does the Agreement Benefits United Association Locals?
The articulation agreement helps United Association Locals in their efforts to recruit the next generation of service technicians. Recruiting graduates of these HVAC Excellence accredited programs eliminates high attrition rates because graduates have demonstrated their commitment to the industry and they already possess critical fundamentals knowledge and task abilities.

Why Should Students Seek to Attend an Accredited Program?
By attending a program that has established articulation agreements, a student can benefit from earning credit for what they have already learned, and advanced placement into the apprenticeship program. In the case of this agreement, HVACR graduates may qualify for advanced placement with prominent employers which include Johnson Controls Inc., Carrier Commercial Service, Siemens Industry, Inc., EMCOR, Mckinstry and other employer members of the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA).  

Students can quickly locate accredited programs by visiting escogroup.org and clicking on the accreditation link. Here they will find a list of HVACR educational programs that have been granted accreditation by HVAC Excellence, and are eligible to participate in the articulation agreement.

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