Legionella bacterium

Whitepaper: Design strategies to maintain flow

Feb. 16, 2016
Keep water temperature outside Legionella growth range Maintain water flow to reduce likelihood of colonization Recirculation strategies Series and Ring installations

This whitepaper from Viega discusses the myriad of potential solutions that have been introduced to the market aimed at controlling or eliminating pathogens from plumbing systems.

These solutions range from on-site disinfection systems, like copper-silver ionization systems and chlorine dioxide generators, to hyperchlorinationand thermal disinfection.

One solution designers should not overlook is taking steps to reduce the risk of microbial growth in the first place. Sound system design should acknowledge the importance of minimizing microbial growth and focus effort on reducing colonization, not just treating a bacterial problem once it’s established and detected.

Download the full whitepaper as a pdf.

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