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eBook: Hydronic Applications

Sept. 9, 2022
The best Hydronics & Radiant case studies from the pages of CONTRACTOR.

As 2020 was coming to a close, I had a sit-down (well, virtual sitdown) with Mike Eby, Editorial Director of Endeavor’s Buildings and Construction Group to work on a roadmap for the next few years of CONTRACTOR.

One of the things he suggested was a new Hydronics & Radiant section for the print version of the magazine. Pat Linhardt, our hydronics columnist, had been getting some very favorable responses from readers, and his column would anchor the section each month. There would be code and manufacturer news to round things out, but for the heart of the new section, Mike wanted case studies where experts would talk about the real nuts and bolts of hydronic and radiant systems.

I thought the idea sounded great, but I worried about getting strong case studies month in/month out. The new section launched in January of 2021, and—maybe because we were looking harder for them, maybe because the writers were in search of just the platform we were offering—the great case studies have not stopped coming in.

The system designers and installers who have embraced the technology are some of the most enthusiastic you will find in the industry.

I’ve found most of them eager to talk about the efficiencies they can achieve, and the level of comfort they can deliver to their customers. Here are a few of the best case studies from the first year-and-a-half of our H&R section. We hope you find them rewarding, informative, and spark ideas you can make use of in your own business.