Rinnai supports Joplin, Mo., tornado clean up, rebuilding efforts

Dec. 19, 2011

PEACHTREE CITY, GA. – Rinnai Corp. recently announced that it is extending its support of the clean up and rebuilding efforts that are taking place in Joplin, Mo., following the tornado that devastated the town on May 22, 2011.

In the weeks following the tornado, Rinnai was contacted by Titan Propane about the need for hot water and hot showers in the area. Representatives from Titan sent personnel to Rinnai headquarters in Georgia to pick up Rinnai’s 15-ft. long show trailer that is equipped with tankless water heaters and boilers for use at the Joplin Family Worship Center, which had set up a relief station where storm victims could receive aid and volunteers could mobilize.

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Thanks to the Rinnai trailer’s water heating capabilities, the relief station set up six temporary showers for victims and volunteers. Now, six months after the tornado, rebuilding efforts are underway, and Rinnai has partnered with Titan Propane to offer Joplin residents who install a Rinnai tankless water heater up to $600 in rebates and a free Rinnai vent kit valued at $125.

“A hot shower is a basic part of life that most people take for granted in the U.S., but following a natural disaster, this normal, everyday function can become a luxury,” said Rinnai Marketing Manager Nina Knight. “Immediately after the tornado, we realized there would be no way to easily heat water in Joplin and knew the Rinnai trailer would be of great help to those affected by the disaster. With Joplin’s infrastructure repaired, it’s time to turn our attention to helping rebuild the homes and businesses that were damaged in the tornado. The rebates offered by Rinnai and Titan Propane encourage those who are rebuilding to install tankless water heaters, which use up to 40% less energy than inefficient tank water heating systems. These financial incentives, in combination with the energy-efficiency, longer lifespan and continuous hot water benefits tankless units provide, should make ‘going tankless’ a simple decision for Joplin residents.”

Rinnai has been involved with the relief efforts in Joplin for months, and although many displaced residents found temporary housing over time, the company’s trailer remained a fixture at the relief center, providing showers to the out-of-town volunteers who participated in post-storm clean up and rebuilding projects.

With the majority of the clean up completed by summer’s end, Rinnai wanted to help residents and business owners that were embarking on construction projects in the area. Together, Rinnai and Titan Propane developed an incentive program to encourage the installation of propane gas tankless water heaters during the rebuilding efforts. Under this program, customers signing a five-year contract with Titan will receive a $500 rebate on a tankless water heater, and Rinnai will offer them a free vent kit valued at $125. In addition, Rinnai is offering a nationwide $100 rebate on its tankless units, which is available through the end of 2011.

“Given the advancements in building technologies that have occurred in recent years, it only makes sense that Joplin’s new construction projects should be better and more efficient than the buildings they’re replacing,” said Knight. “While these rebates increase the affordability of tankless water heating technology, it’s important to note that the savings don’t stop there. The ongoing energy efficiency of these units will help residents save thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the products, and that money can be put toward other vital expenditures as the recovery continues. It is our hope that the upfront incentives, together with the long-term savings Rinnai products provide, will help make the rebuilding process a little easier for everyone in the Joplin community.”

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