Professional Tradesmen Receive Much Deserved Appreciation on National Tradesmen Day

Sept. 24, 2012
From New York City to Dallas, Chicago to Charlotte and down to Key West, professional tradesmen are being honored in cities and towns across America today on National Tradesmen Day.

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- From New York City to Dallas, Chicago to Charlotte and down to Key West, professional tradesmen are being honored in cities and towns across America today on National Tradesmen Day. National Tradesmen Day— initiated by IRWIN Tools in 2011 and held on the third Friday of September each year — is a day to say “thanks” to plumbers, electricians, roofers, auto mechanics and other skilled tradesmen who typically receive too little recognition for important work that keeps our nation running. This year’s recognition includes “Appreciation Events” at jobsites and building supply centers, mayoral proclamations and individual gestures of thanks throughout the nation.

According to Curt Weber, Vice President of Marketing for IRWIN Tools, “Professional tradesmen deserve our respect and our ‘thanks.’ To say ‘thank you’ to America’s tradesmen is a privilege and an honor. These men and women, in many ways, are the unsung heroes of our nation. They are the real working hands that build America and keep it running strong.”

“Unfortunately, tradesmen are too accustomed to the complaints about projects taking too long, being over budget or inconveniencing someone’s normal routine,” said Andrew Cook, Superintendent of Balfour Beatty Construction in Charlotte, NC. “By creating National Tradesmen Day, IRWIN Tools is making a big impact on a group of people who are seldom thanked, and setting a wonderful example for others to better appreciate and value the work skilled tradesmen perform each and every day.”

“Appreciation Events” Salute Tradesmen Across the Nation

Tradesmen constructing New York City’s One World Trade Center will arrive at work today receiving handshakes and appreciation gifts from IRWIN employees. In Dallas, TX, tradesmen working at Parkland Hospital, the largest healthcare construction site in the country, will be greeted and thanked by more IRWIN employees, hospital administrators and public officials before they start today’s shift. Celebrations will also occur at jobsites in Chicago, Charlotte, Columbia, SC, and many other cities across the country, as IRWIN will be hosting dozens more “appreciation events” for tradesmen. At The Green Parrot, an iconic bar in Key West, tradesmen will be the honored guests at an “Appreciation Party,” complete with food, drink and gifts.

Cook added, “Throughout the week, IRWIN employees have been stopping by several jobsites in Charlotte to say thanks to hundreds of tradesmen, and I have witnessed first-hand how much this means to these hard working men and women who are proud of their work and thankful for the appreciation.”

Public officials throughout the nation also are showing their support for National Tradesmen Day. In Bonita Springs, Florida, Mayor Ben Nelson — a licensed contractor for 35 years — issued a proclamation that recognizes “all tradesmen during National Tradesmen Day in appreciation of all their continued hard work and dedication to our residents and the service they perform.”

“A family whose home is being renovated staged an impromptu party for their construction crew earlier this week,” said Weber. “The homeowners couldn’t believe the emotion — smiles and tears — that these hardy workers displayed when the coolers and food were set out for their enjoyment. After all, these are the men and women who typically eat their lunch inside their work trucks or on the back of a tailgate.”

Other individuals plan to use National Tradesmen Day as a perfect time to donate money to a local technical school or community college to help advance the career of future tradesmen. Some spouses will put a special “thank you” note in their tradesman’s lunch box as a reminder of the day’s importance before they head out to the jobsite.

“National Tradesmen Day belongs to all of us because we all owe a debt of gratitude to professional tradesmen,” Weber emphasized. “When tradesmen are working, building, constructing or repairing, that is a sign of progress, and it deserves our patience and appreciation as these men and women work to build a better tomorrow.” 

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