Conn. heating oil dealers incensed as state regulators ok massive gas expansion

Nov. 13, 2013
Heating oil dealers said the decision will cost thousands of jobs. The expansion of natural gas pipelines was proposed by Gov. Dannel Malloy. State regulators countered that the plan will not spend taxpayer money and that the playing field had been tilted in favor of heating oil.  

HARTFORD, CONN. — Connecticut heating oil dealers are outraged that the state plans to expand natural gas pipelines and convert 280,000 heating oil users to natural gas. Heating oil dealers contend that the project will spend $7 billion in state money, but the state's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection responded that the pipeline build-out will be financed by natural gas utilities that will recover their investment from users.

Connecticut's national public radio affilitate WNPR reported:

Heating oil dealers said a decision by regulators to allow a massive expansion of natural gas usage in Connecticut will cost thousands of jobs. The state’s Public Utility Regulatory Authority this week issued a draft decision giving the go-ahead to Governor Dannel Malloy’s proposal.

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