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Use online and social media to grow your contracting business

Using social media to grow your contracting business

Dec. 5, 2014
Social media gives contractors a great opportunity to market their business online.

The marketing budget likely is not huge for your contracting business. Like most small businesses, the margins are razor thin and need to be stretched as far as possible. On iMedia Connection, Anna Johansson wrote that with social media, small businesses have a great opportunity to market themselves online.

To start, she wrote that every company needs to have a blog and strong website.

Blogs are the foundation for sharing information on social media; they provide readers with authoritative, meaningful content. Your company’s blog posts will become the reference points for many social media updates.

To use social media effectively, your company must develop a strategic plan, determine which platforms to use, and select strategies for success. The following is an overview of how to develop a successful social media strategy for your small business.

Visit iMedia’s website and read more about how you can improve your contracting business’ brand messaging, methods of reaching the audience and setting goals for your online marketing.

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