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Reatlorcoms Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke looked at top 10 markets for 2015

Keep an eye on the top housing markets in the US

Dec. 10, 2014

As a contractor, you always have to know where new business is going to be. What better way is there to know than to figure out which housing markets will be busy in the near future?

Reatlor.com’s Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke looked at his top 10 markets for 2015 on the website’s blog. Smoke said the listings range from big cities with a lot of older homes to smaller cities with young professionals and new construction. If you’re a contractor in one of these cities, prepare to possibly see some great business in the new year.

In the websites take on Atlanta, the favorite city for home sales and household growth, Reatlor said:

One of the cities hit hardest by the bubble bursting a few years ago, Atlanta took longer than other markets to recover from the housing crash. But now, the sprawling metropolis is showing signs of rebounding. Over the next five years, the Atlanta market is expected to see 7% growth in total households, Smoke says.

At the center of transportation throughout the Southeast, Atlanta is also experiencing strong employment growth and its income is on par with the rest of the nation.

Plus, Atlanta is still affordable—especially compared to other markets—despite predictions of increasing prices. City home sales are forecast to be up by 11 percent in 2015 as household growth, job growth and affordability work together to speed up the housing market recovery.

Visit Realtor.com to read more about the markets Smoke think will thrive in 2015.

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