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July 8, 2015
Companycam is a location based camera app ClockShark is a cloud-based mobile time clock system Breezeworks is mobile field management software  

Companycam,, is a location based camera app for iPhone, Android and the web that also acts as a cloud storage service for business-related photos. The app uses GPS to automatically organize all a company’s photos based on the address where they were taken. Every photo goes straight to the cloud and is instantly viewable by anyone in the company who has clearance, enabling management in the office to see what’s going on in the field in real time. The photos are always available in the app, kept separate from personal photos on the phone.

When the user opens up CompanyCam to take a photo, it will guess the address based on the GPS coordinates. Usually, it is correct but it if isn’t, typing in the correct address will elicit suggestions in the same way as a search on Google Maps would do. When the user confirms the address, he or she is then ready to start snapping photos.

After a photo is taken, there is an option to draw on the photo with a finger or a stylus (for example, to highlight a particular area) and write text notes that will stay with the photo. After any annotation to the photo, the user taps the green checkmark and that photo immediately uploads to the cloud.

CompanyCam shrinks the photo files to the optimum size, so that very little data is required to upload. According to the app developer, a user with a standard 2GB data plan with a cell phone carrier could take more than 12,000 photos a month and not exceed the data limit. The app carries a monthly subscription, dependent upon number of users.

There are several ways to view photos. The “My Photos” section includes only photos from that single person; the “all photos” section is a stream of all photos taken across the whole company. It is also possible to create custom groups of employees to see a stream of only their photos. All the photos are stored by address and can also be sorted by most recent or closest.

ClockShark,, for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile, with a 14-day free trial, is a cloud-based mobile time clock system, designed specifically for construction and field service companies, which automates time tracking and scheduling for personnel in the field. Workers use their smartphones as the punch clock or the crew chief can punch crew members in and out.

The app uses GPS software to note location. Workers can clock in to a specific job and specific task and can switch jobs and tasks while clocked in. They can also add notes. The punches are sent to the dashboard in the cloud. The app, which integrates with QuickBooks Online, also includes web-based drag and drop scheduling on the color-coded dashboard, and the schedule updates can be sent instantly to the crew in the field. Management can print PDF time cards and jobsite reports or export the data in CSV/Excel format.

Breezeworks,, downloadable from the website, Apple iOS APP Store or, for Android devices, Google Play) is mobile field management software that enables a small HVAC service contractor to run a business from a smartphone or tablet. The app, suitable for a one-person or two-person company and carrying a monthly or annual subscription fee per team member, is designed as an end-to-end solution for estimating and winning jobs, scheduling appointments and navigating to get there, managing the jobs, collecting payment via camera-phone credit card scanning or other means, and following up with customers to capture repeat business.

To create an estimate, Breezeworks users generate a customer file, then follow on-screen prompts to fill in materials, labor and other costs to create a complete estimate ready for customer assessment. When an estimate is accepted and becomes a job, app users can schedule the job with a couple of taps on the screen. Breezeworks verifies the address of the jobsite, maps it, and even grabs a photo of it from Google Maps. The app can monitor traffic, calculate drive time between locations, and provide alerts when it is time to leave for the next job. 

Users can invoice the customer on the spot through e-mail or print an invoice directly through the app and can scan a customer credit card or check for processing or make note of cash payment.

The “payment complete” screen shows the invoice number, the amount paid, and the date and method of payment, and offers options to click to see the receipt, a PDF of the receipt, or the signature on the receipt. Users can also keep track of unsent, unpaid and paid invoices.

Contractors and crew can view jobs by customer or date, and pull up any associated job notes, worksite photos, and payment history. A daily calendar holds notes on what needs to be done and/or was done and how long each task should take or did take throughout the day, for later reconciling for billing. Breezeworks also allows users to set up automated customer follow-ups via automated appointment confirmations, reminders or cancellations, saving time on customer outreach chores and customer no-shows.

Bill and Patti Feldman write articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products. They can be reached at [email protected]

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William and Patti Feldman

Bill and Patti Feldman write articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products.

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