Justifying the Cost of a Comprehensive Field Service Management Software Package

Sept. 26, 2018
Investment in the right technology solution can give your bottom line a boost.

Any business owner can tell you balancing the needs of the company with the demands of customers is an art.

When your business isn’t running efficiently, it can eat up staff hours, harm relations with your clients and create massive financial headaches that can keep you up at night.

But investing in a robust field service management software package can alleviate ongoing pain points and set up your business for growth without adding multiple, complex programs for employees to learn and manage.  

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Keep a streamlined, agile schedule

Field service management solutions offer features that streamline the scheduling process for businesses of all sizes. Centralizing the work across your company can ensure jobs and employees won’t get lost in the daily shuffle. The right solution with functionality that suits your business helps employees get to the right job site at the right time. You can better ensure your technicians are keeping on schedule and meeting budgets when all of this information is available in one place.

A comprehensive solution can also include the capability to deploy resources in the case of an emergency from anywhere, whether from a desktop computer at the home office or remotely from a mobile device. The ability to quickly and efficiently respond to the needs of your customers, especially those that are urgent and last-minute, gives confidence in your business. It gives you a competitive edge and strengthens your reputation within the market.

Eliminate paperwork

One of the biggest nuisances for dispatchers and office managers is the abundance of paperwork that accompanies legacy systems. Sorting through a mountain of papers costs your business resources and makes you inefficient. In addition to wasting staff time, paper-based systems mean more opportunities for important information to be lost. Handwritten notations also open up the chance for wrong information being entered into your system, causing even more headaches.

By storing information in a central system, you have the ability to access and track all relevant information about a project in one place, even recalling a past project or invoice. Digital records in one database, particularly those that allow for mobile access, simplifies record-keeping so you can get the information you need when you need it easily.

Utilizing a field management software package, can not only eliminates the paper, but it stores and tracks all relevant operations information, freeing you up to find new leads and build a more efficient company.

The benefits of simplifying your records with a single, comprehensive, easy-to-use solution makes everyone’s job easier, freeing them up to focus on keeping customers happy and acquiring new customers. A single system that has all the functionality you need can also eliminate the need to pay and manage multiple software providers unnecessarily.

Turn leads into work orders

Keeping your cash flow constant is key to building your business. Minimize payment delays by giving employees in the field the tools to easily turn quotes into work orders or generate invoices as soon as the job is done via a mobile device. A field management solution helps you cuts out extra steps and needless paperwork when it comes to building leads and making sure you get paid.

Giving your mobile workforce the tools to update invoices directly from the field based on how the actual was work done ensures you’re accurately paid for the work performed. And when it’s centralized in one database, you can more efficiently track and collect payment in a timely fashion. 

Cut down staffing costs

A robust, centralized database of information allows you to efficiently and accurately track your technicians and schedule their work. Getting information in near real time allows you to better utilize your resources while minimizing overtime costs.

Having accurate and current information on the time it takes each technician to travel to and complete a job empowers you to set up more efficient workday schedules, helping your employees and the business earn the most they can. Dispatchers can even manage last-minute changes, like the need to replace or add technicians to a job, easily without impacting resources allocated elsewhere and disrupting the business.

Implementing a field service solution that is the right fit for your business can generate return on your investment by allowing you to accurately evaluate and cross reference your labor costs, potentially saving thousands per year in operational inefficiencies and any potential overtime fraud. It also builds a foundation for growth by making sure you’re not spending your money on bringing in additional staff until they’re absolutely needed.

Avoid compatibility issues

Managing your business with paper-based systems or using a mismatched set of individual software programs is a recipe for inefficiency and unnecessary stress. Learn how you can avoid leaving money on the table while improving profitability. A comprehensive field service management solution provides a tool for your company to optimize how your assets are deployed. The right solution for your business collects and centralizes the data you need to make sure your business is running as efficiently as possible.

See all the ways you can save and make more money by investing in a comprehensive field service management solution best suited for your business here!

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