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Love What You Do and Everybody Wins

Jan. 17, 2020
We are asked to come into a home to talk about updating the mechanical or plumbing and most customers think they know what they need and want.

To make it in in-home sales, the key is to love what you do. You need to love the industry you are in and love the people you serve. Who do you serve? Your family, your customer and your company. Let’s start with loving what you do.

Sales may be one of the most honorable AND dishonorable professions. You have an opportunity to choose an industry that is needed by all and that can help families in many ways. Salespeople get a bad reputation by selling stuff homeowners do not need or want.

We are asked to come into a home to talk about updating the mechanical or plumbing and most customers think they know what they need and want. They are searching the internet, educating themselves so they can tell the professionals that visit their home what they want done. And we cannot tell people that the information they got off the internet is wrong or may not be right for them. All we can do is add to the mix by educating them even more, giving them the information that is appropriate for them based on their family goals. If we do not do an exceptional job asking questions about what they want their purchase to do for their family then we ARE just selling them something. When you know what they want your product or service to do, then you can educate them using their goals so it makes sense.

For example, when you know that Miranda’s room is uncomfortable, you can educate the customer that a single-stage furnace will give her the same comfort as the old one. A two-stage will run for a longer period filling the house and her room with comfort and a multi-stage will run all of the time filling the entire home with comfort better than ever, with even temperatures and the lowest utility bills. Now, when you ask the customer, “which one do you think would be best for Miranda?” they know what the answer is for their family and can convince themselves they need better than basic.

Indoor air quality, better drains, high-capacity garbage disposers, higher amp electrical service, self-regulating pool equipment, etc., will only make sense when we find out what they need and want and educate them on what could happen with anything they purchase. When they know the possibilities and can tell you what is right for them then everybody wins. Educate yourself in your industry to be the best, most educated person in your field and your customers will respect you for it.

Another step in loving what you do is to make sure you work for the best company. Ask yourself, “is there another company I compete with that does a better job at what we do?” If the answer is yes, then you need to do one of two things: either fix your company or go work for the best. I find the first is sometimes pretty easy if you just try.

Okay, so now you are convinced that no other company in your area does what you do, stands behind their work and people better, and gives the best value. Now all you have to do is get really good at convincing homeowners of that. With conviction and passion, you should be able to convince anyone that doing what you and your associates do is more important than the product itself. Craftsmanship, skill, adjustments, sealing and a hearty “give-a-damn” attitude makes a ton of difference and absolutely leads to a better product in the end. Get your customer convinced you and your associates are the best and no one does it better and you can’t lose.

The next step in the process is to do what no one else is willing to do. Show your customer you are willing to do whatever is needed to give them the value they deserve. Get in the attic and see the insulation so you can do a proper load calculation. Use your sewer drain camera every time to ensure you see all the way to the street. Take the cover off the electrical panel to ensure the safety of the system. Do your job! Educate homeowners more than anyone else to the point where they can tell you what they need. Give them the opportunity to be proud that they are making the decisions for their family, not for you. Be extremely thorough, leave no stone unturned. Be the best.

When you love what you do you can’t be beat. Be who your customers need you to be. Be who your family needs you to be. Be who you need you to be. When you are at the top of your game by being the best-educated, the most positive, the most helpful and the most willing to do whatever it takes to do the job right, not only will you win but your customers will win too.

Mastering in-home sales is an ongoing process, and one that has the potential to increase the experience for everyone involved—boosting revenue for the company while driving satisfaction for the customer. To download a free training package on sales, complete with online class, how-to document on hiring and developing salespeople, a sample “kitchen table” presentation, industry research and much more, visit

Mike Treas brings experience in the contracting industry as a sales manager and comfort advisor for one of the largest and most well-respected residential heating and air conditioning contractors in the United States. He has personally worked with hundreds of contracting companies across North America conducting training and consulting in the areas of sales, sales management, business management, customer service and technician lead generation training. His background consists of 35 years in sales and sales management bringing expertise, knowledge, techniques and strategies proven in the contracting industry to increase sales. He is an EGIA Contractor University faculty member.

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