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Inspiring Youth in the Field Service Trades Through the Cloud

April 1, 2024
Cloud technology is great news for the service trades because it offers them new ways to improve, work smarter and get creative.

The cloud has become a big deal for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), especially in field service trades like plumbing, HVAC, electrical work and appliance repair. The use of cloud technologies is a big change that's helping these businesses grow and stay up-to-date, and it's not just for tech companies anymore. Now, even traditional trades are getting in on the action. Cloud technology is great news for SMBs because it offers them new ways to improve, work smarter and get creative.

On top of streamlining business operations, the cloud is also helping SMBs attract younger people to work in the trades. For a while, it seemed like the next generation wasn’t as interested in these kinds of jobs. But now, thanks to cloud technology, things are changing. For example, there are cloud-based tools made specifically for people who work in the trades. These tools do a lot of things all in one place, like scheduling jobs, managing teams and tracking inventory. This makes work easier and more organized, which is something younger people, who grew up using smartphones and an instant/always-on internet connection, find very appealing.

 Breaking Stereotypes

The fact that the trades are using cloud technology shows they're ready to try new things and keep up with the latest technology, which are important traits that young people today are seeking in employers. By embracing the cloud, the trades are showing young professionals that they're modern and forward-thinking. This helps break the stereotype that trades are stuck doing things the old-fashioned way.

While cloud technology is making jobs in field service trades more interesting to younger people, it's not just about being trendy. It’s changing the way these businesses work from the inside. For young people just starting their careers in these fields, cloud technology makes things a lot simpler and more intuitive. The tools they use for their jobs are easy to understand and work with because they're built with modern technology that’s already second nature for younger people. This makes a big difference because it means new workers can learn how to do their jobs quickly and efficiently, without getting bogged down by complicated processes or outdated equipment.

 Onboarding & Upskilling

Cloud technology is also a powerful tool that helps businesses organize their teams better. Companies can easily see how their projects are progressing and ensure they're using their time and money in the best way possible. It’s also great for education within the workplace. There are special tools available in the cloud that allow employees to continue learning and keep their skills fresh. These cloud tools provide access to the newest techniques and technologies for industry-specific needs, making it easier for workers to stay current and improve their skills.

Perhaps most importantly, the shift to cloud technology in the trades is creating a work environment that values new ideas, teamwork and being open to change. This kind of culture is appealing to younger workers who want their jobs to be more than just clocking in and out. For SMBs in the trades, using cloud technology shows they're up for changing to better compete and find success, even when things around them are constantly evolving. Cloud technology helps make sure that jobs in trades continue to be interesting and appealing options for people looking for careers, now and in the future. This ability to attract new, talented workers and fresh ideas is crucial for the survival and growth of these trades.

The Next Generation

In the end, bringing cloud technology into the trades is a big step forward. It's about shifting to a newer and more adaptable way of doing things. This shift is important because it helps bring younger people into these fields, which keeps the industry alive and growing. Plus, it ensures these jobs stay relevant as technology advances. With cloud technology, the trades aren't just working smarter; they're also securing a promising future that welcomes and nurtures new talent to support the next generation of tradespeople.

JG van Graan is director of ThermoGrid for ECI Software Solutions, a global provider of cloud-based business management software and services. van Graan brings more than 20 years of experience in service management to his role, where he’s focused on helping HVAC, plumbing and electrical companies streamline their business processes, such as dispatching, invoicing and inventory management.


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