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Sarah_Jones.jpg Brasscraft Manufacturing
Sarah Jones holding the Zell Award.

Brasscraft Awards 2018 Zell Award to Sarah Jones

The award was created 28 years ago in honor of the company founder, Robert M. Zell.

NOVI, MI — Brasscraft Manufacturing Co. announced it has awarded the 2018 Robert M. Zell Award to Sarah Jones, Manager of Claims Administration, employee at its Novi headquarters. The Zell award was created 28 years ago in honor of the company founder, Robert M. Zell, to recognize employees who epitomize and embrace Mr. Zell’s vision – to deliver the highest quality and innovative products to our customers.

“We received multiple nominations for Sarah showing that many people recognized how she goes above and beyond the call of duty to live out the values that the Robert Zell award recognizes,” said Tom Assante, President, Brasscraft Mfg. Co.  “Sarah has played multiple roles in multiple functions and at each stop she lived the values of this award.  She has also been a key driver of the Continuous Improvement (CI) culture and has driven many improvements into the business by using CI as a tool.”

“I am happy to know that the work I give is seen as in line with the quality Brasscraft stands for.   Winning this award is humbling,” said Sarah.  “I’m honored that my peers saw fit to choose me out of so many other deserving nominees.”

Winners of the Zell award receive an engraved plaque and a monetary reward. For more information visit

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