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Clean Air Council sues the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania over building codes

The Clean Air Council has filed suit against the Commonwealth of Pa. for refusing to adopt the latest plumbing codes. The situation in Pennsylvania is part of a nationwide trend, with homebuilding associations seeking to delay or derail code updates.

The success of the suit has wider implications for the built environment, and for the the future of building codes across the U.S.

The suit alleges in part that:

The Pennsylvania Review and Advisory Council (RAC), the 19 member body charged with reviewing and adopting building codes rejected the 2015 codes for no reason and against the recommendations of its own technical review subcommittees. It also alleges that Act 1 (a law passed in 2011) violated the Pennsylvania and Federal constitutions by creating a process that makes code adoption impossible.

There is more information on the suit at the Green Building Law blog.

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