Clean up your act, chump! Plumbing Contractors can Build a Successful Flat Rate Program

We are perceived as uneducated, uncouth, handymen because we don't even dress clean; so is it really any surprise folks want to argue price with us? What do you look like when you ring a doorbell? What does your operating room (truck) look like? What does your plumbing kit (not tool box) look like? What do the tools in that kit look like? Do you have the same pride of appearance other professionals do, or do you look like that unshaven monkey?

I hope some of us are beginning to see that our old negative perceptions of Flat Rate just ain't true. In fact, we've seen in my previous articles how Flat Rate is more ethical than T&M; we've seen how simple it is to build your own Flat Rate program; observed how easy it is to learn and teach; and we've emphasized how we can do all this without a huge investment in time or money.

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