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July 11, 2017
JobProgress is web-based software for small residential contractors, including plumbing contractors, handles estimating, project management, and customer management.

JobProgress,, web based software for small residential contractors, including plumbing contractors, handles estimating, project management, and customer management. It features a dashboard and a mobile app for Android and Apple devices, for managing workflow in the field, including putting together proposals and contracts. The platform can also host communication between customers, contractor and personnel.

The WorkCenter screen shows the stages of workflow, starting with customers (or leads), and moving across the screen to the estimating, proposal writing, follow-up, work, invoiced and paid. The workflow is completely customizable. Users can name their own stages of workflow and determine the number of steps in the workflow.

Personnel can use the estimating templates to input data in the field via either handwriting (using a finger or a stylus) or by keyboarding. When putting together a proposal, users can start with a job-specific template or use the integrated template builder and utilize customer information already inputted into the software as well as notes taken in the field. To help recall details, it is possible to view job photos on the left half of the screen as reference while writing the proposal on the right side of the screen.

On the “work” screen, users itemize all jobs on the books and can include details on familiar looking “paper-based” forms that the user can write on right on-screen. There is also a Production Calendar solely for scheduling all jobs.

Capabilities on the mobile app include write, tap, and draw, including on the photos taken with the mobile device.  

JobProgress can be used to manage financials and it also fully integrates with QuickBooks Online. You can track prices, payments and invoices within the platform. 

The mobile app extends capabilities for putting together instant proposals and contracts to personnel in the field, includes the ability to draw, including on pi, write and tap, and also draw on pictures taken with the smartphone. The app can also capture digital signatures in the field.

JobProgress carries a cost per user per month fee and a one-time set-up fee.

ServiceBox,, is field service management software for small and mid-sized contractors active in commercial and residential service. It includes a mobile app for Android or Apple devices on which management can limit the information technicians may view.

The software, which streamlines scheduling from the office and gives techs in the field details of what work to be performed, handles work orders, maintenance history, checklists, drag-and-drop scheduling, dispatcher mode, customized timesheets, and invoicing. It also holds information for recurring maintenance work orders and offers checklists for repeatable maintenance task. The features are integrated, minimizing data entry and helping ensuring accuracy.

The user creates individual work orders for each customer and job location to which a specific technician can be assigned. Labor, material and purchase orders are presented as separate entities to allow for flexibility in what a contractor wants to capture. Quotes can be created and linked to a work order.

Each work order can be scheduled using the dispatcher mode for quick scheduling or a larger calendar for longer jobs. A scheduled work order shows up on the technician’s calendar and the tech is alerted.  

On every work order, labor can be added for each employee, along with purchase orders for materials. The software also allows billing and/or accounting of time spent on ancillary tasks beyond jobsite labor.  

Under the setting for taxes, users can upload each sales tax rate charged in a geographic area and can set the tax level to include as many types of sales tax as needed.

Personnel in the field can create an invoice based on quotes or by using time and materials from a work order. The software integrates with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

From ServiceBox, technicians can view their schedule, let a customer know they are on the way, view job history, edit assigned work orders, enter notes, take and enter photos, generate an invoice, and either accept a credit card for it on the spot or email the invoice to the customer. They can also review their timesheet at week’s end and submit it directly from the phone.

The software carries a sliding monthly cost based on the number of users and the amount of attachment storage and can support up to 50 users. For all but the option for two-person companies, the number of customers and jobsites is unlimited.

Looking for “a better way” to create professional looking proposals? Proposity HVAC Proposal Template,, offers a fully customizable professionally designed proposal template for HVAC installation, sales, repairs and service work. The built-in editor enables changes in the visuals and text to fit your business and project. The solution, which provides notifications on when your customer opens the proposal, which sections they look at the most, and when they sign off, includes online signatures that can transform a proposal into a legally binding contract. An iPhone app is available that provides metrics on the go. Fee plans are dependent upon the number of users and active proposals per month. A 14-day free trial is available.

Bill and Patti Feldman write articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products. They can be reached at [email protected]

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