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Dec. 13, 2017
Send A Job is cloud-based field service scheduling software for residential and commercial contractors.

Send A Job is cloud-based field service scheduling software for residential and commercial contractors (, 855/790-7363 monthly per-user subscription fees, free 30-day trial). The software incorporates invoicing and client management and supports access of all essential data by techs, management and others from any mobile device, 24/7.

Scheduling features include multiple calendar views by month, day, or employee timeline. Schedulers and dispatchers can drag and drop jobs from one timeslot to another and use a timeline view to organize jobs by available techs.

For contractors with multiple locations, the software can enable assignments of jobs by zip code, distance, or drawing on a map. When adding jobs, the software will figure out what metro area the job is assigned to and show available techs.

Notifications of dispatched crew and scheduled appointments can be sent to customers by email or SMS as reminders, with a link for the customer to confirm an appointment, which will show up on the dashboard.

The job page features a pre-defined drop-down list of options and users can add custom fields. The software has the ability for user to create multiple estimates for any job and send them to the customer for decision-making.

Invoicing options encompass accepting timestamped signatures on invoices, estimates or options, and requesting and accepting e-payments by email or SMS directly from the tech’s mobile device.

Customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities include a live dashboard and the ability to auto client search for details of past service history and pricing to each client, along with payment history. Management can also use a “coming up” widget to see the next 10 jobs, along with their tags. By the end of the month (December 2017), the software will, says the developer, also provide an inventory management solution.

Send A Job syncs with QuickBooks, for importing customers and items from QuickBooks and exporting invoices and payments to QuickBooks.

Reporting options include tallies of dollar amounts by jobs, source of leads, tech performance, area, or dispatcher performance, as well as by time frames showing such details as all jobs, completed jobs, open jobs, cancelled jobs, gross amount, and profit, and average amount and profit. Users can also create reports that evaluate effectiveness of distinct advertising campaigns.

The optional add-on SendaJob Voice (cloud IVR) empowers local and toll-free phone numbers, phone masking, call tracking, call recording, and the ability to see at a glance ad and team performance.

Send A Job syncs with QuickBooks, for importing customers and items from QuickBooks and exporting invoices and payments to QuickBooks.

NexTraq Fleet Management Solution ( 800/358-6178) delivers actionable data to optimize mobile operations, improve driver safety, vehicle maintenance and asset productivity. For fleets needing to comply with the ELD mandates, NexTraq provides an integrated driver monitoring system to enable fleet managers to easily manage driver hours with an installed ruggedized tablet.

Core services of real-time fleet and asset tracking integrated with GoogleMaps and Garmin are augmented with dispatch and features such as monitoring when a driver is not following speed limits, braking abruptly, accelerating very quickly, or engaging in other potentially dangerous or gas-guzzling operating procedures. The solution also notes when a driver strays outside the boundaries of management-established geofences.

The dashboard displays more than 40 reports enabling fleet managers to view real-time key performance indicators on one screen.

The mobile versions are available for Android, iPhones, iPads and tablets. NexTraq View provides supervisors with real-time access to key information about the fleet and drivers. NextTraq Connect gives field employees the means to record time and attendance, receive job notifications and access turn-by-turn navigation to jobsites. They can also monitor their vehicle and, if shared, be aware of issues reported by other drivers.

GigaTrak Tool Tracking System - Contractor Edition (, 877/204-9237) enables tracking contractor-owned power and hand tools, calibrated equipment, radios, cellphones, fixed assets, binned items, and consumables by assigned employees or jobsites. The solution, which can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud, tracks everything through barcode scanning with a corded or cordless barcode scanner, handheld computer, or your mobile device.

On-premise hosting works with Windows computers and corded or wireless barcode scanners. With the purchase, the contractor owns the software license. When hosted in the cloud, the Tool Tracking System (TTS) provides different options to staying connected using multiple platforms and Android, iOS, and Windows devices. and the service carries a monthly fee for each user.

The software can handle an unlimited number of tools classified by employees, locations, containers, or other contractor-defined groups. It also tracks maintenance schedules and repairs and keeps a detailed tool history for each transaction, including transfer of tools between jobsites. An alert maintenance feature prevents item checkout or transfer if maintenance is past due.

The 50+ types of preformatted reports include assignment, history, valuation, depreciation, and maintenance. It is possible to view tool records in real time by computer, mobile app, or via the web portal. Users can view and make tool reservations on the desktop or mobile app. GigaTrak TTS also supports Excel import/export of tool data.

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