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Nov. 17, 2018
Profiles and features of WorkWave Service and Fleetio (Advanced Plan).

WorkWave Service (, 866/776-4695) is cloud-based field service software suitable for use by residential and commercial HVAC service contractors in the office and, with its mobile component, in the field.

In the office, it provides the ability to manage customer information, build and offer service packages, schedule and dispatch technicians to fulfill work orders, gather feedback on service quality, track key performance indicators (KPIs) and performance metrics, and create and present flexible billing and customer payment options.

Dispatchers can drag and drop scheduling for single visits and recurring visits and can automate driver schedules in advance for days, weeks, or months. The software recognizes and flags scheduling conflicts.

Utilizing WorkWave’s GPS and route planning technology, the solution can optimize routes for each service person/team or an entire work force. It can also track and monitor field worker and vehicle  locations in real time and set customer commitment windows for specific jobs and optimize travel routes around them.

The software supports billing by flat rate, hour, material, property size, or other variable to match a contractor’s business model, with bills sent to the customer before service starts, after service is complete, or on a specific day of the month to suit customer preferences. Invoices can be sent out individually or in batch. For payment generated from the office, credit cards can be charged by batch or one at a time. A technician using a mobile device can process credit cards securely from the field.

Reporting and analytics capabilities include creating customized reports on a variety of KPIs using pre-built customizable forms, with templates for reports on spotting trends, monitoring branch performance or individual technician performance, monitoring revenue by month and year, work orders, A/R, and overdue accounts. The reports can be customized with user-created charts and graphs. The software can also generate reports based on incoming GPS data that track driver behavior and vehicle event history and pinpoint driver violations such as excessive idling and harsh braking.

The app works offline whenever there is no Internet service available and syncs the data with the software as soon as service resumes.

WorkWave Service also gives companies the ability to gather feedback after services are complete, automatically requesting and send surveys and allowing customers to rate the services received, technicians, and experience on a scale of 1 – 10.

Using the iOS or Android WorkWave Service mobile app, service technicians in the field can view upcoming appointments for that day, access detailed customer information and service history, capture new leads, take photos, send customer estimates by email, and email invoices and service reports to customers. The app works offline whenever there is no Internet service available and syncs the data with the software as soon as service resumes.

WorkWave Service, which integrates with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop for accounting, carries a monthly or annual fee per user.

Suitable for companies with service fleets on the road every workday, the Fleetio (Advanced Plan) suite of  cloud and mobile based fleet management solutions (, 800/975-5304) is designed to reduce asset downtime, improve maintenance processes, and provide access to fleet data anytime, anywhere.

The software features driver and contact records and preventive maintenance monitoring and scheduling, with the ability to forecast and schedule regular service tasks and inspections, with reminders and alerts issued to help ensure they occur on time.  

Through integration with third party GPS software, Fleetio includes the ability to use GPS and advanced telematics to receive automated odometer readings, view vehicle locations in real time, and receive and manage open and pending Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Alerts inside the solution. The odometer readings help ensure that preventive maintenance (based on mileage) is completed on time. DTC alerts enable addressing “check engine light” problems in a timely fashion and choosing whether to require service.

The software provides maintenance log and preventive maintenance reminders per asset, with predicted due dates based on asset utilization. It can generate custom electronic vehicle inspection forms that can be completed by drivers using a smartphone or a tablet and supports defect and issue tracking, per vehicle, including reporting of resolution/completion in maintenance history. Among additional fleet management features: parts management, inventory tracking, purchase orders, work orders, asset profiles, vehicle assignments, and VIN decoding (for US-made vehicles).

Fleetio can, through third party fuel card integrations with solutions such as WEX, Fleetcor, and Comdata, automatically track a fleet’s fuel expenses and efficiency. Metrics like MPG and cost-per-mile are automatically calculated and invalid odometer readings are automatically detected.

The Fleetio Go Mobile App allows field personnel to instantly access and update fleet information, including maintenance history, from an iOS or Android device. The app also enables users to complete vehicle inspections, log service and fuel, view real-time driver location, track driver behavior, and scan a barcode to access asset details.

Fleetio also offers an open API and Webhooks, allowing the building of seamless integrations with other business systems like accounting software, and CRM systems.  

Pricing is per asset/monthly, with unlimited users. Fleetio also has available a Pro Plan - at a lower per asset/monthly cost - that includes core features like maintenance management, inspections, and fuel card and some GPS integrations but does not include work orders, parts and inventory management or advanced GPS integrations (such as DTC and fuel location alerts).

Patti Feldman writes articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products. She can be reached at [email protected].

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Patti Feldman

Patti Feldman writes articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products.

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