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Feb. 12, 2019
All the financing and payment functionalities of Payzer are available as part of the developer’s end-to-end business management tool.

Payzer (Payzer, LLC,, 866/488-6525) is a cloud-based financial system and mobile and online app for contractors that allows contractors and their field personnel to propose, apply and submit an application for financing (for up to $55K) for homeowners and receive and answer within one minute, with a 1-2 day settlement. Payzer offers financing with multiple lenders, including Greensky, Service Finance, and (soon) Wells Fargo. The app can be used on a PC and smartphone and via the mobile app.

The system can take and process one-time and recurring payments. With a mobile app available for mobile devices using the Apple or Android Platform, Payzer accepts VISA/MC/Discover credit and debit cards and automatically issues customer receipts.

Debit cards issued to personnel for job-related expenses are tracked in Payzer and managers/the office are able to add to the debit cards as needed.

On the payment side, contractors can also accept checks via mobile imaging (taking pictures of the check) instantly, in the field.

The app, which synchronizes with QuickBooks, provides real-time transaction history and real-time balance updates. Management can control user permissions, can download transaction data, and have access to real-time purchase history and search. Pricing for the service is transaction fee based.

All the financing and payment functionalities of Payzer are available as part of the developer’s end-to-end business management tool for HVAC contractors, the subscription-based Payzerware ( The software includes inbound call management; drag-and-drop technician scheduling and dispatch, with viewing of tech location in real time; SMS/e-mail notifications to homeowners; maintenance agreements; as well as the financing and payment capabilities. Contractors can build invoices using their own customizable price books. Monthly fees of Payzerware are determined by the number of users. 

TIMING ( is a dynamic scheduling platform designed to improve and optimize    efficiency and customer service for companies providing field service. It can integrate with a contractor’s existing field service management solutions or other core systems, taking advantage of existing protocols when pulling the required information from existing systems and pushing back the results, or can work as a stand-alone. The platform, which works online and offline, features a user-friendly full-color dashboard for dispatch and management and a field service tech app. Customers have a web application in which they can see the ETA of the field service technician, follow his progress, and communicate with him.

The software can handle ongoing changing of schedules during each work day, adjusting and optimizing routes, with a prediction of each appointment’s service time based on service type, assigned technician, and service history, with minimal changes to scheduled appointments. Algorithms calculate optimal routes and recalculate when unplanned events occur. Customers are notified of the predicted ETA 24 hours ahead and then again during a customer pre-determined service window when the technician is about to show up.  

TIMING’s Field Service Technician app acts as a navigating system and includes the most efficient order of the route, customer details, and POD capabilities such as digital signature and taking a picture onsite. The application detects automatic arrival and departure from a location.   

Customers can send directions and custom messages to the technician and follow the tech’s progress from inside the web app and, after the appointment, rate the work and the service technician’s performance. TIMING can also generate service reports on consumed inventory. The solution carries a monthly subscription fee per field personnel.

Training wizards help guide new users on set-up. Pre-recorded and live training and help videos are also available.

Cloud-based ServiceBench (, 877/472-3624) is a business management solution for field management companies of all sizes that features software for field dispatch and management from the office, a mobile component for a range of capabilities for service techs in the field, and a customer web portal for self-scheduling service calls. The software can be configured for specific company needs and seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks. Training wizards help guide new users on set-up. Pre-recorded and live training and help videos are also available. Ongoing support is provided through phone, live chat, or email.   

A daily job dashboard allows dispatchers to assign and dispatch service providers based on various attributes, including availability, location, products serviced, and customer service history. Dispatchers can drill down into job details and input real-time job status updates on all jobs from all sources.

The parts dashboard offers detailed visualization of inventory in real time, with connectivity to participating parts suppliers and manufacturers, expediting ordering and tracking shipments, and efficiently managing returns.

The claims dashboard reflects activity of claims management, showing claims that are ready to submit, in process, and paid or rejected.    

The reports dashboard enables administrators to generate a variety of reports, including job status, financial, claims, and technician status, on a fixed schedule or on demand.

The ServiceBench Mobile app works with Android and iOS devices and includes the ability to capture specific events, including jobs assigned, jobs scheduled, jobs cancelled, and tech arrival and departure details. When working in the field, techs can use the mobile app on their smartphones to scan in barcodes of specific equipment, parts used as well as parts from suppliers connected to ServiceBench.

The app also provides techs with access to warranty entitlement and claims, technical bulletins, installation guides, and other support material from participating administrators. They can also capture photos of the jobsite and customer signatures, generate invoices, and process payments through participating credit card processors. The field app can also integrate with third-party map apps in users’ phones to include route visualization and turn-by-turn directions.   

The customer web portal enables self-scheduling of a service call within defined service windows, with the customer receiving confirmation of the appointment by choice of email, phone or text message.

Pricing is based on the size of the service company.

Patti Feldman writes articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products. She can be reached at [email protected].

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Patti Feldman

Patti Feldman writes articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products.

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