Hiring ex-cons, alcoholics, drug addicts, and other undesirable types

I don't know what reaction will happen here, if any, but it seems as if a lot of us weren't exactly paragons of virtue. Hiring ex-cons, alkies, dopers, and the like — I am definitely of two minds. As the owner of a service business, my first reaction would be to stay away from hiring any of these “types.” As an ex-all-the-above type dude, I have a somewhat more, let's just say, “flexible” attitude.

The following article really doesn't have much to do with starting or growing a small contracting business, but it caused quite a stir when I posted it to the Service Round Table forums (www.servicerountdable.com), and I got tons of replies thanking me for bringing up the subject. I also got a bunch of people tellin' me I was ignorant, stupid, insane, or all three. I'm of the opinion that every response was spot-on.

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