In the first 30 days you39ll know if this person can learn and grow Thinkstock image

In the first 30 days you'll know if this person can learn and grow.

How to Clone Employees — The Simple Math

Step 1: Hire a “helper” at minimum wage to ride around with you, say for 30 days. Think what a person like this would be like in six months or a year. Hire two “helpers” at minimum wage, one to ride around with you, and another to ride with Jane/Joe #1.

You've been doing biz for a while now, using the Flat Rate pricing principles I've proposed, so you're hip-deep in cash. In the back of your mind you're beginning to think you might like to hire someone to lighten the load. You may even have attempted to hire someone fully-trained, only to find their ain't any, or they're defective. Seems all the good techs have been taken, and the ones from your Craig's List ad are ... well, let's just say, “flawed,

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