10 Reasons to be thankful for the plumbing profession

Dec. 13, 2017
This is the time of the year when it’s appropriate to look around and give thanks. Here are 10 reasons to be thankful for the plumbing profession.

This is the time of the year when it’s appropriate to look around and give thanks. Here are 10 reasons to be thankful for the plumbing profession.

1. Plumbing improves the health of the nation

Plumbing really does improve the health of the nation. Plumbers deliver clean water. Plumbers remove waste. And it’s all done in a sanitary manner. This is a critical role played by the plumbing industry that no other industry can match.

2. Plumbing is essential

Plumbing is one of the essential functions of modern life. People cannot live without it. Even in an emergency, plumbing is essential. In an emergency, it is possible to get by without power.  In an emergency, people can survive without air conditioning. It is impossible to last without clean drinking water.

3. Plumbers make a tangible difference

Because of its essential nature, plumbing repairs offers the opportunity to make a tangible difference in people’s lives every single day. Homeowners call you with a plumbing repair and often they are in crisis. When you repair a leak or clear a stoppage, you are a hero. When a homeowner is having a plumbing crisis, there is no better sight in the world than your truck pulling up.

4. Plumbing enhances a home

Often, plumbers think of plumbing for its utility and not for its décor. It is more than utility. New fixtures and porcelain can revitalize a kitchen or bath almost by themselves. Plumbing presents an opportunity to offer people things they want and desire, not just things they need.

5. Plumbing offers freedom and independence

Plumbers are notoriously independent, which makes plumbing such a great profession. When working as a plumber for a contractor, you retain the independence of operating on your own. You are not deskbound and restrained. When you run a company, you gain complete freedom… as long as you file your government paperwork.

6. You determine your income

Plumbing is a phenomenal business when run correctly. As a business owner, you can determine your income. The sky is the limit. The millionaire next door really is the plumber next door. And even as a plumber employed by others, with the increasing popularity performance pay, you can still determine your own income. Want a raise? Give yourself one.

7. Plumbing is challenging

Granted, much of plumbing is run of the mill. Yet, there are enough strange situations to give plumbers challenges and variety. Plumbing requires mechanical skill and intellectual insight. This combination is less common than you think. The challenging nature of much plumbing work limits the number of people who can qualify and keeps the work interesting for those who can.

8. Plumbing is honest work

Not only is plumbing honest work, it is tangible work. You can see the results. You can drive by a house and feel good that you installed the water heater, replaced a water closet, or fixed a problem. Performing honest work is intensely satisfying in its own right. It is even more satisfying when you can see the results.

9. There is plenty of work

Plumbers will never run out of work. There is always a need for plumbing because, as noted above, plumbing is essential. Moreover, plumbing repairs will never be offshored. Sure, consumers can try to do it themselves, but not always well and seldom when they can afford to hire a plumber.

10. Plumbing has incredible support groups

Never has there been more, or better support organizations for plumbers. From local PHCC chapters to the Service Roundtable, there is a lot of help, a lot of affordable help. This is significant. While plumbing represents a phenomenal business opportunity, too many plumbers struggle to prosper. These organizations can help plumbers know how to turn a wrench and, more importantly, learn how to turn a profit.

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