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The powerful impact of mentoring iStock/Thinkstock

The powerful impact of mentoring

My typical work day includes heartfelt conversations with both successful and wanting-to-be-more-successful HVAC professionals. As I prepared to write this article over the last few weeks, I recognized the culture of constant mentoring was alive and well in each successful company I spoke with. Let’s look at how mentoring can build stronger and more successful HVAC careers and companies.

What’s a Mentor?
A mentor can be defined as an experienced and trusted person who offers another person knowledge, encouragement, and support over a period of time.

A more valuable definition would be to identify a person in your own life who shared with you their knowledge, encouragement, and support to improve who you are and how you do what you do. If you have been fortunate to have had a mentor in your life, you already understand the immense value such a person offers.

How Can I Mentor?
One of the best mentors I know is Tony Doyle (who used to work for NCI). When Tony perceives a need, answers a difficult question, or sends his wisdom in my direction, I have often wondered how he does it. So I asked him. “I pay attention” is his simple answer...

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