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American Hometec reveals ugliest water heater in America

American Hometec reveals ugliest water heater in America

WILMINGTON, DEL. — Just in time for the upcoming holiday season and the increased need for a continuous supply of hot water, American Hometec Inc. announced the winner of a new AHQ-T16 (T16) tankless water heater from its recent Ugly Water Heater contest.

To celebrate the expected increase in home improvement spending and the impending holiday season, American Hometec hosted an Ugly Water Heater contest where consumers were invited to submit photos of out-of-date water heaters for a chance to win a new, energy-efficient T16 tankless unit from the company.

Christopher Wunsch from Wausau, Wis., won the Ugly Water Heater contest. Wunsch has a 25-year-old storage tank water heater in his Wisconsin cabin that has presented maintenance challenges for his family over the years. Although Wunsch blows out the lines to his water heater every winter before he closes the cabin for the season, he often finds frozen, broken water lines and a large mess to clean up in the spring.

“We’ve considered a tankless water heater for our cabin for some time,” said Wunsch. “We use our cabin primarily on the weekends and don’t have consistent water needs, so we’ve been wasting a lot of energy heating our storage tank water heater 24/7. Also, blowing out the lines every fall and spring is a huge chore for me and my aging father. The new tankless water heater from American Hometec will make life a lot easier for my family and will help us save on our electric bill. I was so happy when I got the call that I had won the contest; we even had a special family dinner to celebrate.”

The new T16 unit supplies an endless source of hot water, guaranteeing homeowners will never run out of hot water, even with an increase of guests and need for hot water during the holidays.

“This tankless water heater saves time, energy and water, and also features a stunning and modern look that people are proud to showcase in their homes,” said Dave Millilo, vice president of sales and marketing for American Hometec.

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