PowerMate leads to increased job efficiency

BRANTFORD, ONTARIO — Moving heavy hot water heaters, boilers and other goods is inherently hazardous due to the real potential for lifting strain. A back injury can put a good worker out of commission, permanently in some cases. Even strong young backs will suffer over time with repetitive exposure to the same types of strain. Really heavy loads often require more bodies to move safely.

If these loads were confined to the factory floor no one would be lifting them using brut strength alone, this risk of injury is too obvious. So why do contractors expose themselves to such risk day in and day out?

The solution to this particular risk is to mechanize the process with a powered hand truck like PowerMate. The business benefits are many: reduced exposure to risk for your installers (and the reduced costs associated with lost-time injury), labor savings, increased productivity and higher profits.

Tom Webber of T. Webber Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning said, “Since time is money in our business [the PowerMate] has allowed us to get these heavy objects in and out of jobsites as quickly as possible. This has led to increased revenue and better job efficiency. Now instead of sending two technicians to move an old boiler or set a new one in place we only send one. Not only is management happy about this change but his technicians are as well.”

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