REHAU and Mestek announce seminar schedules

LEESBURG, VA. & WESTFIELD, MASS. – REHAU and Mestek announced their 2009 training schedules. REHAU is offering Skill Builders training classes offered throughout the U.S. and Canada by REHAU Academy, and Mestek, in partnership with Pipeline Development Co., is offering free boiler training seminars.

The schedule at REHAU Academy includes Skill Builders training courses and three types of focus sessions tailored to the specific needs of experienced radiant contractors and heating professionals. The latter comprises a half-day Radiant Installers focus session, a one-day Radiant Designers focus session and a one-day Geothermal Systems focus session.

“REHAU and REHAU Academy are committed to providing professional training opportunities that elevate technical know-how and increase business for our attendees,” said Lance MacNevin, unit manager of REHAU Academy. “Recognizing the rising demand for expertise in PEX-based system installation, we have enhanced and expanded our Skill Builders training classes this year, offering a more hands-on experience with our heating and geothermal systems.”

Facilitated by REHAU professionals, Skill Builders Complete seminars will be held on the following dates and locations: May 12-14, Niagara Falls, Ontario; June 3-5, Vancouver, British Columbia; June 17-19, Halifax, Nova Scotia; July 8-10, Denver; July 22-24, Minneapolis; Aug. 19-21, Leesburg, Va.; Sept. 23-25, Niagara Falls, Ontario; Oct. 7-9, Chicago; Oct. 28-30, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Nov. 18-20, Leesburg, Va.

A series of specialized one-hour webinars on radiant design, project estimating, radiant heating system benefits, installation techniques and snow and ice melting systems, as well as product-specific tutorials on pipes, fittings, manifolds and the RAUPANEL radiant heating system will be offered at the academy. Participants will be provided with an online test following each webinar, after which they will receive a certificate from REHAU for each successfully completed test.

The Mestek seminars include three days of training with industry instructors. A full day of training with Pipeline Development Company on non-biased system design and operation will provide attendees eight continuing education credits at no cost.

“This is a great opportunity for HVAC professionals to get a better understanding of today’s high-efficiency boiler systems,” said Matt Kleszczynski, marketing manager for the Mestek Boiler Group. “Our goal in partnering with Pipeline Development Company is to provide a true educational experience without restricting the material to specific brands.”

The Mestek Institute in conjunction with Hydrotherm Boilers, RBI Water Heaters and Smith Cast Iron Boilers will provide system specific hands-on and classroom training on topics including system design, venting, controls, combustion and start-up procedures. Attendees will leave the seminar with the knowledge to ensure higher system efficiency and lower operating costs.

Seminars will be held in one of two Mestek Institute sites located in Boyertown, Pa., and Mississauga, Ontario. Classes for 2009 will be held on the following dates: April 21-23, Boyertown, Pa.; June 6-4, Mississauga, Ontario; June 23-25, Boyertown, Pa., July 1-3, Mississauga, Ontario; Aug. 25-27, Boyertown, Pa.; Sept. 22-24, Mississauga, Ontario; and Oct. 20-22, Boyertown, Pa.