SGS earns EPA approval for WaterSense certification

TULSA, OKLA. — SGS Consumer Testing Services announced that it has become an independent licensing body authorized to test and certify bathroom sink faucets and high-efficiency tank-type toilets for compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's WaterSense water efficiency and performance standards. The program enables qualifying products to carry the WaterSense label, helping consumers identify products that save water while performing as well as or better than their less efficient counterparts.

For faucets, the WaterSense specification sets the maximum flow rate at 1.5 GPM tested at a flowing pressure of 60 psi, compared to the industry standard of 2.2 GPM. For toilets, the WaterSense program sets the maximum water use level at 1.28-gpf. for single-flush and 1.40/.9-gpf. for dual-flush toilets, compared to the industry standard of 1.6-gpf.

The program is designed to help protect the future of the U.S. water supply by encouraging the use of, and enhancing the market for, water-efficient products and practices. The WaterSense label also helps manufacturers differentiate their products by appealing to consumer and commercial purchasers who wish to conserve natural resources as well as lower their water bills.

"The WaterSense program provides multiple competitive advantages for manufacturers, from demonstrating environmental responsibility and long-term cost benefits to providing promotional opportunities through various EPA tools and resources," said Scott Parkhurst, technical manager of SGS. "Being licensed by the EPA to provide WaterSense testing and certification will enable us to help clients leverage these opportunities to build their business."

SGS's new WaterSense testing and certification capabilities extend the company's testing services for the plumbing industry, including prototype testing, complete production article evaluation, follow-up inspection, listing and labeling, independent test witnessing, liability claim investigation, and complete evaluations of fixtures and fittings for compliance to applicable standards.

The new service also complements SGS's initiatives to support environmentally friendly products.

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