PEX Web site educates consumers and builders

APPLE VALLEY, MINN. — In response to the approval of PEX in the California Plumbing Code, Uponor launched the Web site to educate consumers and builders about PEX as a plumbing alternative to copper and CPVC.

The Web site features practical information about PEX, or crosslinked polyethylene tubing, which is used for residential and commercial plumbing applications. Users can access links to PEX in the news, learn about the sustainability factor of PEX, read about PEX questions and view testimonials from customers.

“Uponor developed this site for consumers and professionals in the building industry who want to research what PEX is and what it can offer them,” said Rich Houle, Uponor associate commercial product manager.

The Web site is regularly updated with information from plumbing and heating contractors and other building professionals who are specifying and installing PEX plumbing, fire safety, and radiant floor heating and cooling systems in residential and commercial projects. In addition, the Web site is aggregating news about PEX and its applications from both the general media and various trade journals.

Uponor has been actively pursuing the adoption of PEX tubing in the California Plumbing Code since 2000. Three years of litigation resulted in a decision by the California Building Standards Commission to conduct a full Environmental Impact Report on PEX tubing and its impact on air quality, water quality and performance. In addition, the report evaluated PEX tubing installation, use and disposability, as well as manufacturing processes in the areas of waste, recycling, energy consumption and natural resources.

According to the EIR, which was conducted from October 2007 through December 2008, the adoption of PEX tubing into the California Plumbing Code with proposed regulations would be an environmental action with respect to public health and hazards, water quality and air quality.