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A. O. Smith Introduces New Commercial Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters

ASHLAND CITY, TENN. -- In order to offer an environmentally friendly hot water option for commercial applications, A. O. Smith has introduced a new line of energy-saving commercial electric heat pump water heaters.

These water heaters capture heat and humidity from the surrounding atmosphere and utilize it for heating potable water. "They are three times more efficient than standard electric water heaters and up to five times more efficient than conventional gas water heaters because they use less electricity and can contribute to room cooling at the same time," comments Greg Wilson, national sales manager - heat pump technology.

The new commercial electric heat pump water heaters are designed to be used indoors and are offered in seven different model sizes. The product line consists of models delivering 35,000-171,000 Btu/hr for water heating and 27,000-132,000 Btu/hr cooling capacity. These high-efficiency models feature coefficient of performance (COP) numbers ranging between 3.9 and 4.2 for significantly better water heating when compared to standard water heaters at .8 COP.

"Our commercial electric heat pump water heaters are well-suited for installations in commercial kitchens, laundries, restaurants and hotels where there is a steady need for simultaneous hot water and cooled air," said Wilson. "We're happy to offer our customers in these markets an energy-efficient option."

"These water heaters are a smart option when gas is not available or electric rates are high," Chisolm continued. "Unlike some other renewable water heating options, commercial electric heat pump water heaters can offer fast payback periods and return on investment as well as significant electricity savings."

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