Applied Mechanical introduces new service to reduce energy use

AUSTIN — Applied Mechanical Corp. recently announced the launch of their new Facility Environmental Performance division. The new service offerings are designed to optimize the performance of the environmental systems in facilities of all types: industrial buildings, hospitals, schools and commercial buildings. Building owners and managers will typically see immediate results in terms of lower energy expenses, reduced operating and maintenance costs, longer asset life and fewer equipment breakdowns. Building occupants will experience higher indoor air quality and improved comfort levels.

This green initiative will lower the facility's carbon footprint with savings in energy consumption of up to 25%. A complete payback usually takes a few months, followed by years of on-going savings.

Applied Mechanical's CEO Kelly McAndrew said, "Applied Mechanical has a reputation for being the experts that people count on. That's the core of our corporate culture. Now we are bringing that same philosophy and expertise to optimizing the performance of environmental systems in commercial and industrial facilities. We believe that the benefits to our customers will be immediate and significant and that these services will have a positive impact on the environment by helping to conserve our natural resources for current and future generations."

Applied Mechanical's new Facility Environmental Performance division is an ideal complement to its existing business units, including cleanroom performance services, construction management services, semiconductor equipment services, quality assurance/quality control services and capital equipment relocation services.