Bassett Mechanical celebrates 75 years in business

KAUKAUNA, WISC. -- Bassett Mechanical, a full-service mechanical contractor in Wisconsin, opened its factory doors in Kaukauna recently to share its success with friends and customers and celebrate its growth over three-quarters of a century in business.

To mark its 75th anniversary, Bassett Mechanical has been having events throughout the year. One of the biggest was an open house at its main office in September, attended by over 400 guests.

The key story for visitors was that while Bassett has grown into a company at the forefront of emerging global trends such as renewable energy and lean manufacturing – its core of being a customer-centric and employee-driven company hasn't changed.

"As we celebrate 75 years in business, a lot has changed at Bassett," said Kim Bassett-Heitzmann, CEO of Bassett Mechanical. "But the things that always remain are our dedicated employees, company values, rich history and making customer service number one."

This viewpoint is evident throughout the Kaukauna facility as the company's tagline for several decades, "We answer to you," is prominently displayed alongside its award-winning lean-based manufacturing stations and products under construction.

In recent years under Bassett-Heitzmann's leadership, the company has expanded its mechanical contracting capabilities in the frozen and refrigerated food processing and healthcare industries, continued to develop its service operations in Madison and Milwaukee, and added renewable energy and oil and gas equipment to its metals manufacturing portfolio. Bassett-Heitzmann attributes the company's commitment to lean manufacturing as a key factor enabling the company to grow in a down economy.

To round out the 75th year, Bassett will sponsor an employee Red Kettle Challenge day for the Salvation Army in December. Bassett has committed to a matching grant of up to $7,500 for money raised during the bell-ringing.

"Our corporate values drive us to give back to the community, which is especially important when more people are impacted by the current challenging economic conditions," Bassett-Heitzmann said.

"The strategies that we've put in place have already shown us that we are well-positioned to remain strong even in the uncertain economic times that are in front of us," Bassett-Heitzmann said. "New business opportunities continue to fill the sales pipeline. Our task is to stay focused on these strategies."

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