New LEED brochure charts water efficiency credits

FRANKLIN PARK, ILL. — Sloan Valve Co. has released a brochure that charts LEED water efficiency credits and describes Sloan plumbing products that can help commercial facilities meet these credits. The brochure, Maximizing LEED Water Efficiency Solutions, provides a reference chart of water-efficient plumbing products from Sloan and its complete line of water- and energy-efficient systems.

The brochure spells out the LEED water efficiency prerequisites and the options for achieving points according to baseline measures for water reduction. Sloan then offers examples of how facilities can contribute by using its plumbing products and systems. A worksheet is also provided to help determine water-efficiency goals.

The brochure features a full range of Sloan products, including high-efficiency toilets and urinals in the Efficiency Series; urinal flushometers that use as little as a pint of water to flush, as well as single- and dual-flush water closet flushometers, averaging as little as 1.28-gpf; electronic dual-flush flushometers, such as the Sloan ECOS and the solar-powered Sloan SOLIS; four models of waterfree urinals that provide 100% water savings; and sensor-operated faucets that use as little as 0.5 GPM while providing hygienic hand-washing.

The brochure also offers information about the 1.0- and 1.6-gpf FLUSHMATE pressure-assist operating systems, the Sloan AQUS Greywater System, energy-efficient XLerator hand dryers, Sloan Monitored Systems, and Flushometer retrofit kits for reducing water usage with existing flushometers.

For a free copy of the Maximizing LEED Water Efficiency Solutions brochure, visit the Sloan Web site.